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A minimalist modern mountain home in California

The ultimate ski-in ski-out retreat

View of multi-level home with flat roof at sunset. Joe Fletcher

Set on a hill at the foot of a dormant volcano, this wedge-shaped vacation home by Faulkner Architects evokes the studio’s signature blend of airy California modernism and rustic moodiness.

The Truckee, California, house, follows the slope of the adjacent hill, standing sturdy with 20-inch insulated concrete walls for keeping in scarce rays and warmth from the sun. Meanwhile, a facade of concrete and steel offers fire resistance.

Living room featuring concrete walls and timber paneled ceiling. Joe Fletcher

From the outside, the bunker-like appearance blends in with the volcanic basalt boulders that fill the landscape; inside, the same materials—concrete, glass, steel, and walnut—create an organic yet minimalist and polished look.

Wood panels line the ceiling and walls, while big stretches of sliding glass allow plenty of opportunities for embracing the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, whether in the living room (which leads out to a covered deck) or a bedroom (facing a more open terrace). A covered entrance level contains a garage, play room, craft room, and ski locker that allows the owners to ski in and out of the house directly.

Covered deck featuring fire pit. Joe Fletcher
Kitchen featuring wood paneled walls, brown cabinets, and gray island. Joe Fletcher
Bedroom facing large deck. Joe Fletcher
House on a snowy slope surrounded by trees. Joe Fletcher