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All-white cabin blends into snowy landscape

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Minimalist, compact, and totally striking

Small cabin in the woods, covered in snow. Raphaël Thibodeau courtesy Naturehumaine

In the summer, Naturehumaine’s Poisson Blanc house stands out like a brilliant beacon in the woods. In the wintertime, though, it becomes camouflaged by its own monochromatic white exterior.

The Montreal studio designed the home with a clear remit: Make things simple, make them affordable, and make them stark white. The house sits on a rugged stretch of land in Quebec’s Laurentide region surrounded by trees and rocks. Its square frame is propped up on the bedrock, and its symmetric gabled roof rises to a dramatic point. After snow has fallen, the all-white house blends into the landscape, save for the warm glow from the windows.

Pitch-roofed cabin with two rectangular windows. Raphaël Thibodeau courtesy Naturehumaine

Covering a modest 1,200 square feet, the cabin employs a simple layout and palette of materials to keep costs down. On the main floor, an open living room, kitchen, and dining area feel bright and airy under lofty sloped ceilings; built-in maple veneer cabinetry and bookshelves provide the only hint of color and a door by the kitchen leads out to a terrace. The rest of the floor contains a a master bedroom and bath, plus stairs to the upper level, which holds additional sleeping quarters and storage space. Take a closer look, below.

Bright kitchen with small white table and cabinetry on two sides. Raphaël Thibodeau courtesy Naturehumaine
Living room with high ceilings and wooden shelf on one wall. Raphaël Thibodeau courtesy Naturehumaine
A wall of built-in wooden cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and shelves. Raphaël Thibodeau courtesy Naturehumaine
Looking up toward a white cabin in snowy landscape. Raphaël Thibodeau courtesy Naturehumaine