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Dramatic ‘Ghost House’ is all concrete, steel, and glass

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The award-winning home is now for sale

Concrete house with glass windows glowing at night. Courtesy Savills

Built from a decidedly sturdy palette of materials, chiefly concrete, steel, and glass, the Ghost House appears to be disappearing from view as it sinks into the ground below. BPN Architects designed the striking home in Warwickshire, England, in 2018, and it’s now on the market for £2.5 million, or around $3.16 million.

The award-winning design has been described as “ethereal,” “haunting,” and “beautiful.” And indeed, it is all of those things. We’d add unflinchingly dramatic to the list too. A concrete walkway cuts through two glimmering reflecting pools before descending into a set of stairs that leads to a sunken courtyard and the main entrance. The front facade is clad in steel-framed glass windows that reveal a gallery-like foyer flowing into an open living room, kitchen, and dining area.

Black marble kitchen island with a living area and TV in the distance. Courtesy Savills

Two black staircases form a V, splitting in opposite directions—one toward the master bedroom, the other to the guest rooms and screening room. When BPN build the home, the architects explained that the client was inspired by architects like Tadao Ando, who worked primarily in concrete. Following that cue, the Ghost House is built from concrete cast in-situ and left exposed on the interior to give the space a slick, pared-back feel throughout. Recessed lighting and skylights complete the look.

Black kitchen island in middle of room. Courtesy Savills
Room with open doors leading to sunken courtyard Courtesy Savills
Two black staircases mirror each other. Courtesy Savills
Floating bed in concrete bedroom. Courtesy Savills
Bathtub. Courtesy Savills
Glass doors open to a wall of vegetation. Courtesy Savills
Exterior of modern house with sunken courtyard. Courtesy Savills