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Village-like modern house asks $1.3M

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Hugh Newell Jacobsen designed this four-bedroom house to resemble a small village

A house has tall chimneys, dormer windows, and is meant to look like a small village. Photos by Colin Burkhart

Located in Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania, this four-bedroom, four-bath home takes an ordinary gabled house and turns it into so much more. The 4,552-square-foot structure was designed by Washington, D.C.-based architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen to mimic a small village.

Jacobsen has made a name for himself by putting a modernist spin on the gabled rooflines and exterior finishings of New England vernacular architecture. Previous clients have included Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Meryl Streep, and this Pennsylvania project is called “A Village of One’s Own.”

From the entrance, the 1988 home looks like five separate pavilions with a barn-like structure located across the main house. Walk down to the rear of the house and you can see the lower level that connects the gabled rectangular houses. Each section has a different roof shape and is clad in a different pattern of wood or brick, while three massive chimneys reach towards the sky.

The interior benefits from a plethora of light that is controlled by window shutters; the living room features six Federal-style dormers, cathedral ceilings, and one of five wood-burning fireplaces. A library boasts floor-to-ceiling shelves and a spiral steel staircase, and the bedrooms occupy the full lower level with symmetrical sliding glass doors out to the backyard. Love what you see? 1625 Stocton Road is on the market now for $1,295,000.

A rear view of a home has many doors and windows and grass around it.
From the rear of the home you can see the doors that lead to the lower level bedrooms.
A living room with large windows, dormer windows, a fireplace, and seating and a piano.
The living room features six dormered skylights and one of five fireplaces.
A kitchen with white cabinets, gray countertops, and wood floors.
The kitchen features cabinetry on all four walls, a large central island, and a series of square windows that overlook the entry courtyard.
A dining room with large windows, a fireplace, and a large dining room table.
The dining room features frameless glass windows that provide views to the trees outside.
A bedroom has two beds and large windows for light.
The bedrooms all feature symmetrical sliding glass doors that access the backyard.
A library with built-in bookshelves and a spiral staircase in the middle.
Located in the third pavilion, the library has 25-foot ceilings and a circular steel staircase.