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Simple brick home comes with enviable courtyard

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A little privacy never hurt anyone

Dining area with wooden table looking out onto courtyard. Sandra Pereznieto

This neat brick home on the outskirts of Mexico City was crafted by Mexican architecture firm Escobedo Soliz on a tight budget. The residence’s 1,075 square feet is split between two levels that wrap around a compact courtyard in a C-shape.

In addition to brick, volcanic stone sourced from the site is also a star of the material palette, found in the foundation, stairs, and perimeter walls. Meanwhile, a timber beams line the ceiling and steel window frames painted a rust red add a bit of industrial flavor to the space.

Small table in courtyard. Sandra Pereznieto

From the living room, a door opens onto the patio and has views straight to the kitchen and dining area where there’s another sliding door connecting to the outside. The architects explain that the courtyard was the result of the neighborhood’s booming development. Instead of building a house with a facade facing its neighbors, the interior windows look out onto the courtyard, giving the owner privacy and an enviable place to hold al fresco dinners.

Dining table next to open courtyard. Sandra Pereznieto
Interior hallway with views to courtyard. Sandra Pereznieto
Brick hallway cast in sunlight. Sandra Pereznieto
Facade of home built from brick. Sandra Pereznieto