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Modern black cabin comes with a playful perk

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The scenic living room is great for relaxing—and working out

Front of charred timber cabin Adrien Williams

Built for two brothers with a penchant for outdoor sports, this sleek lake house in the town of Lac-Brome in Quebec, Canada, comes with a major recreational quirk indoors as well.

Designed by Montreal studio Atelier Schwimmer, the modern abode takes advantage of its surroundings with giant windows spanning the lake-facing side of the house. While the home has three entrances, it’s the main entrance that opens onto a striking triple-height atrium living area. Here, a long, knotted climbing rope dangles all the way from the ceiling, falling between a concrete fireplace and a sitting area that we can only assume is used for more than just sitting.

Man climbing up rope in home’s atrium. Adrien Williams

The floors are made from slab concrete, whose dark shine contrasts against extensive pale wood used on the walls and built-in furniture. The minimalist feel is echoed on the exterior, where dark charred larch wood is set against an oiled larch wood to create a cool contrasted look.

Rope hanging from atrium ceiling in an open living area with concrete floors and gray sofa. Adrien Williams
Concrete fireplace in living room Adrien Williams
Back of house clad in charred timber Adrien Williams