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Gorgeous tiny house oasis built for paradise

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Savvy design choices help the 260-square-foot-home live large in Hawaii

Blue tiny house with round windows at one end. Paradise Tiny Homes

This tiny home on Hawaii’s Big Island is influenced by its lush surroundings, and it’s easy to see why. Built among vibrant trees and plants, the blue cottage was designed to embrace natural light and temperate weather.

Ellie and Dan Madsen, the sister-brother duo behind the aptly named Paradise Tiny Homes, built the 260-square-foot tiny home as to look bigger than it actually is, thanks to a series of clever design moves.

A bright living space with two rectangular windows and one round window. Paradise Tiny Homes

In the living room and kitchen, the ceiling stretches into a lofty pitched roof, while a curved roof over the lofted bedroom creates extra space.

Windows are designed to bring in maximum light. Two half-moon windows and a clerestory window shower light into the front of the house. The sides of the living room also feature two large sliding windows, while a series of smaller openings help brighten up the staircase and bedroom loft.

But the home’s coolest amenity has to be the operable windows in the kitchen, one side of which opens up to the deck where you can saddle up like its an indoor-outdoor bar.

Interior of a tiny house with narrow staircase and a lofted bed over a kitchen. Paradise Tiny Homes
Kitchen counters has windows that open out. Paradise Tiny Homes
Bathroom with blue tile in the shower. Paradise Tiny Homes
Bathroom with a corner sink and built-in shelving. Paradise Tiny Homes
Small kitchen with a double sink and washer-dryer. Paradise Tiny Homes
Bedroom with low ceiling height. Paradise Tiny Homes
Blue tiny house with a deck and bar seats. Paradise Tiny Homes