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Hem founder’s dreamy retreat in Stockholm is now for sale

Petrus Palmér is selling his bright and cozy family home

Living room featuring large windows and salmon colored couch. Per Jansson

When you’re the head of a global design brand known for its modern yet playful furniture, it’s only natural that your home would reflect the aesthetic.

Back in 2015, Swedish designer and Hem founder Petrus Palmér moved into a central Stockholm home converted from a blacksmith’s workshop. The house, thoroughly renovated by Swedish architecture studio Förstberg Ling, is as stylish as you’d expect—crisp and clean but not without personality. Now, Palmér is selling the place for SEK 11,950,000, or around $1.19 million.

Green cabinetry in kitchen with pale wood dining table. Per Jansson

Covering just under 1,000 square feet over two floors, the residence boasts a neutral material palette of concrete, pale wood, and white marble. Rich splashes of color appear in furnishings like the salmon-hued sofa and deep green kitchen cabinetry, making the space feel warm and lively.

The main living area has ceilings stretching 17 feet high. Big windows bring in lots of light, as do massive skylights that flood the interior, which includes two bedrooms and an alcove study upstairs. Out back there’s a quiet courtyard with a paved patio.

“It’s been wonderful, a real treat to live so centrally and yet so secluded,” Palmér says. “The kids have loved it as well, with the courtyard with apple tree and all.”

Corner with a small desk and chair. Per Jansson
Bathroom with sliding door half open Per Jansson
Charming courtyard featuring table Per Jansson
Courtyard with apple tree. Per Jansson