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Ultra-minimalist cabin bares all to the countryside

With windows for walls, this tiny abode is all about the views

Timber tiny house glowing at dusk. Courtesy of 2m26

This tiny house in the French countryside town of Guitinières is just 376 square feet, but it feels more expansive thanks to its airy design.

Japanese studio 2m26 outfitted the holiday home, aptly dubbed La Petite Maison, with extensive glass walls and an open-air courtyard that bridges the interior and the outdoors. Built from locally sourced Douglas fir planks, the house features a simple square frame that sits atop a concrete base. What the design lacks in privacy, it makes up for in natural light—beyond the large window panes, interior sliding glass doors make the home feel even more like a transparent box.

View to interior courtyard with large skylight Courtesy of 2m26

The interior finishing are staunchly minimalist. The architects constructed tables, chairs, beds, and countertops from the same light timber found on the facade.

Some might view the choice as boring, but we say it’s an effective plan for deflecting attention away from the house itself and toward the gorgeous countryside.

Kitchen clad in light timber Courtesy of 2m26
View from courtyard into kitchen area Courtesy of 2m26
View into glass-clad house at night Courtesy of 2m26