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A barn house asking $1.2M has horse stalls for bedrooms

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In Nebraska, farmhouse style meets Western flair

An exterior view of a barn house with a wood facade and a large steel sliding door. Photos by Amoura Productions

Located in Blair, Nebraska, about 40 minutes north of Omaha, this two-bedroom, three-bath house goes all in on the barn home concept. The sellers started with a post-and-beam kit house from Sand Creek Post and Beam and then constructed the home as the ultimate farmhouse turned barn.

The wood-clad exterior is modeled after a quintessential horse barn, with a wide dual-panel sliding door and overhanging roofs on either side. The lower level features high ceilings and a wide-open space, including oversized garage doors, a living room, and a workbench. Slide open the horse stall doors and there’s nary an animal in sight; instead, you’ll find three bedrooms decked out in reclaimed wood and taxidermy animals.

Upstairs, the architectural salvage continues in the open-concept living areas, with repurposed light fixtures, a tin accent wall, and galvanized buckets for sinks. The farmhouse-inspired kitchen boasts tractor seats as bar stools. A loft-like master suite complete with shiplap walls is tucked behind the kitchen. Ready to indulge your own barn house fantasies? 10211 Shire Point Way is on the market now for $1,200,000.

An interior view of the lower level of a barn house, with an open garage feel, small living room, and hanging saddle.
The lower level features an open-concept workspace with a small living room, roll-up garage doors, and Western saddles as decor.
Three barn stall doors are open to reveal bedrooms inside. There are saddles hanging above the doors.
Three sliding barn doors (with horseshoes as handles) open to reveal rustic bedrooms.
A rustic bedroom with a striped bed, taxidermy deer, and exposed wood.
Instead of a horse stall, this bedroom has exposed wood, one window, and a tin accent wall above the bed.
An open concept living room with four-person tall dining table, exposed beams, and a white fireplace.
The upstairs level houses the main living spaces, including an office on the far end, a media room in the middle, and a small dining space across from a fireplace.
An open-concept kitchen with bar stools, shiplap, and gray counters.
The farmhouse-inspired kitchen employs tractor seats repurposed as bar stools, floating cabinets, and exposed brick.
A bed sits on a wooden platform with blue comforter and white blanket. The walls are white shiplap and brick.
What’s a farmhouse-style barn without shiplap? This master suite blends white shiplap walls with custom wooden built-ins.