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Stuck-at-home artists are turning their walls into murals

Forget wallpaper—paint on your walls like these quarantined artists

A wall painted with big strokes of blue, red, and white. Quintessenz (Tomislav Topic) via Void Projects

Not even quarantine can stop artists from doing what they do best. Over the last couple of weeks, artists from around the world have been painting murals in their homes as part of the global art project Home Mural Fest, and now the first finished products are on display for all to see (digitally, at least).

Organized by Void Projects based on an idea by Copenhagen-based artist Jacoba Niepoort, the festival is really a coordinated call to action for artists to continue doing their work from wherever they might be.

“Being cooped up has presented an opportunity to come together in new ways, both as coordinators and as artists,” Niepoort told This Is Colossal. “To share visuals of the space and time we’re standing in now, created in solitude, but with the solidarity and simultaneousness being an important value-factor.”

So far, more than 60 artists have joined in, painting murals on everything from living room walls and kitchen floors to garden sheds and bathtubs. You can check out a few of the artists’ process videos below (more of them here) and peep new works via the #homemuralfest hashtag on Instagram.