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A minimalist house in the countryside with 30-foot chimneys

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The off-white stacks are visible from almost every vantage point on the 45-acre property

Aerial view of house with three chimneys. Joe Fletcher

Three 30-feet chimneys jut into the air on this home outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, with their tall off-white stacks visible from almost every vantage point on the 45-acre property.

Working closely with the owners, TW Ryan Architecture designed a modern home with nods to Southern Colonial architecture, particularly in the gabled roofs and large chimneys.

Dining room featuring tall white brick fireplace. Joe Fletcher

Inside, the open-plan dining area and spacious living room are separated by a white brick wood-burning fireplace that stretches up to the ceiling. It sounds dramatic, but the result is surprisingly understated thanks to a creamy palette contrasted only by deep red couches next to the hearth.

The rest of the home flows into different wings housing the children’s bedrooms and playrooms, as well as a guest room and a library with built-in bookshelves. The master suite, which features an office and artist’s studio, sits slightly removed from the rest of the house and houses yet another fireplace for maximum coziness.

Red couches in living room next to large fireplace. Joe Fletcher
View of kitchen with large built-in storage unit. Joe Fletcher
Eames chair in library next to fireplace. Joe Fletcher
Bedroom with two large windows and a small terrace. Joe Fletcher