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A prefab glass cabin with a very Icelandic view

Perfect for gazing at endless snow—and the Northern Lights

Interior of glass cabin with views to snowy landscape. ÖÖD

ÖÖD houses are something of a paradox. Built with mirrored glass facades, these prefab tiny homes are meant to simultaneously blend in and stand out.

Over the last couple of years, ÖÖD houses bearing the signature mirrored facade have sprung up around the world, typically serving as short-term rentals. Recently though, the company installed a pair of glass retreats in Iceland, and they look a little different than the others. Instead of mirrored glass, the Panorama Glass Lodge cabins feature a front half made of transparent glass, enveloping the sleeping area in vast views of the Icelandic landscape.

ÖÖD applied a layer of metal oxides to the glass, which conducts heat in order to melt snow, prevent condensation, and add warmth. The rest of the tiny home is clad in ash and topped by a copper roof that can withstand acid rain showers.

Inside, the prefab modules house a large wooden bed, small table, kitchen, and bathroom. The decor style goes for “modern Viking”, featuring Viking horns on the roof, a roped pendant light, geometric tiles, and a rock for a bathroom sink.

Glass cabin with view of glowing blue-green lights in the sky. ÖÖD