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Riverfront house on stilts is prepped for floods

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During the rainy season, it can float on water like a ship

House on stilts next to river. James Morris

If you’re going to build a home on a flood plain, you’re going to need some stilts. This English home shows one sleek way to work them in.

Designed by British firm John Pardey Architects, the house sits on the banks of a River Thames tributary near the village of Wargrave, England. The owners wanted to build a home overlooking the river, despite its precarious location. The site is projected to experience water levels of up to 3.8 feet, which led the architects to raise the house to 7.2 feet above the ground.

View of home from the side, sitting on steel piles with trees nearby. James Morris

”The new house and all servicing has been raised well above predicted flood levels which allows the client to embrace flooding as part of the life on the river,” Chris Gray of John Pardey Architects told Dezeen. “During the days floating above the flood water, they enjoy life as if on a cruise liner!”

The home is clad in wood and expansive windows overlooking the river. A glass-encased open-tread staircase leads from the ground up to a deck, which also features a glass barrier for maximum views. The interior is deliberately quiet as well to let the location and views command all the attention.

View of open plan kitchen and living room with a ark blue fireplace. James Morris
View of hallway clad in windows, and a deck. James Morris
Glass stairs leading up to deck from yard. James Morris