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488-square-foot Hawaiian forest cabin comes with a fire pit

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And a soaking tub

Fire pit raging in front of timber cabin. Andrew Richard Hara

It might seem wild to build a splendid cabin mere miles from two active volcanoes, and yet, that’s exactly what happened with this Hawaiian vacation home. Working with architect Loch Soderquist, owner Jeff Brink built the compact dwelling in a forest on Big Island, just five miles from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The 488-square-foot house is a sturdy rebuttal to its precarious but beautiful surroundings. It features cedar siding and big open windows that rise into a classic gable. A red door stands out against the timber siding, a subtle reminder of the lava bubbling underground.

Exterior shot of A-frame cabin surrounded by trees. Andrew Richard Hara

Inside, the cabin is all about simplicity. White walls showcase local artwork, and the soaring vaulted ceiling makes the space feel airy and expansive.

The design embraces Hawaii’s gorgeous weather and natural beauty with 14-foot windows and a sliding glass door that opens onto the lanai. There, patio chairs face a fire pit and sit next to what looks like a very luxurious cedar soaking tub with a view onto the forest.

Living room featuring bed and couch. Andrew Richard Hara
Cedar soaking tub on back patio. Andrew Richard Hara
Gabled cabin with orange door and wooden siding. Andrew Richard Hara