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Newly built home is a gleaming ode to midcentury modern style

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All the glory of midcentury with all the perks of modernity

Photo of living room featuring brick fireplace and midcentury furniture. Casey Dunn

From the turquoise door to masonry walls to the vintage baby blue convertible sitting under the carport, this Austin, Texas, home is pure midcentury modern eye candy—yet, not exactly. The Inglewood Courtyard Residence, designed by Mark Odom Studio, is actually a newly constructed home with a faithful expression of the much-loved style.

The homeowner, who also acted as a civil engineer on the project, wanted the house to showcase the best of midcentury architecture. You won’t be surprised to find a low-pitched roof, warm wood trim, and expansive windows looking out to a courtyard. Light bricks contrast against clean white walls, which feature built-in shelving. The terrazzo flooring was installed on site with 1,800 pounds of multi-colored glass hand-spread into the concrete foundation.

Woman walking into house with brick walls and a baby blue car. Casey Dunn

“The intended experience is to feel continuously connected with nature while moving through the house,” says the studio’s founder Mark Odom. “The design inspiration was based on the ‘courtyard house,’ centered around the existing trees as well as making sure natural light spilled into all interior spaces.”

Naturally, the house is now filled with midcentury furniture and art, some of which was taken from the owner’s childhood home. Still, there are touches of modernity—both the kitchen and the bathroom skew crisp and clean with sleek appliances and fixtures.

Dining area next to modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and white-top island. Casey Dunn
View of dining room table with pendant hanging overhead. Casey Dunn
View down brick-clad hallway. Casey Dunn
View of hallway from bedroom with glass walls. Casey Dunn
Pristine white bathroom with timber cabinets. Casey Dunn