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Pair of prefab homes ‘intertwine’ on a single lot

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Efficient layout meets efficient construction

View of front facade of a white house. Michael Peart

One lot, two homes—that was the directive for this compact site in downtown Toronto. To make the most of the 25-foot wide lot, the architects at Baukultur/ca designed two semi-detached prefab homes that are slightly offset instead of aligned side by side.

The duo of three-story houses interlock, sharing a wall in the middle. One of them soaks in the street view, while the other looks out onto a backyard (yet preserves a “front” entrance, just a little more set in from the sidewalk).

Living room with stairs leading to upper level. Michael Peart

The project, another handsome exercise in bringing a bit more density to tight urban lots, leaves plenty of space for both abodes, each of which features a spacious living room, modern kitchen, and plenty of windows to bring in natural light.

It’s an efficient design made all the more efficient by prefab construction. The architects decided to build the walls and ceiling panels offsite in a factory, allowing them to complete the building envelop in just five days and keep construction noises to a minimum.

Bathroom featuring modern fixtures. Michael Peart
Living room that flows into dining area. Michael Peart
Bedroom furnished with neutral colors. Michael Peart
Living room with a view to backyard Michael Peart
View of house from backyard Michael Peart