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Striking white facade shelters a modest family home

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Talk about curb appeal

Front facade of all white house Sandi Baratama and Niko Adiatma

Here’s a house that knows how to make the most of the lot it’s got. Designed by Indonesian studio Semiotic Arsitek, the UR House in Jakarta, Indonesia, is sandwiched between two existing homes on a small site.

Working with a tight budget, the architects went big on curb appeal with a striking white facade comprising two gables. The family home is split in two—both aesthetically and thematically.

Living room facing wall of large windows Sandi Baratama and Niko Adiatma

The entrance, with a small terrace on the way, leads up to a volume clad in semi-opaque glass. Inside, the living room and dining room are joined in one large, open-plan space that was as much about functionality as it was about budget; the architects say they cut down on budget by simply cutting down on the walls.

While this common area is more open and airy, the second volume is more opaque, jutting over the driveway to create enough space for three bedrooms.

Living room with sectional couch facing TV Sandi Baratama and Niko Adiatma
Plants sitting on concrete terrace Sandi Baratama and Niko Adiatma