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A moody holiday home where wood takes center stage

One for the timber lover

Front of house with timber screen on second floor. Francisca Cornejo

The designers at Chilean studio o2 Arquitectos chose a material palette for this home in southern Chile, and they stuck to it. To summarize: It’s all about wood, wood, wood.

Built as a family holiday home, the sprawling residence sits on the shore of Riñihue Lake, stretching into a rectangular layout on the first floor. Meanwhile, the striking second story is angled away from the first like a crooked tooth.

Exterior of black clad house with a second level with deck. Francisca Cornejo

The main hub of activity involves the angled offshoot—which contains a master suite, office, and deck—and the living room, dining area, and kitchen sitting below; the other end of the first floor holds the children’s and guest rooms, and can be closed off if only the owners are home.

While dark timber planks wrap around most of the exterior, lighter planks fill the interior floors, walls, and ceilings, adding a touch of rustic to the clean lines and contemporary shapes throughout.

Living room with door that leads out to deck Francisca Cornejo
Kitchen featuring built-in storage Francisca Cornejo
Entryway of house clad in wood Francisca Cornejo
Bedroom clad in wood and neutral colors Francisca Cornejo
Bedroom featuring bunk beds Francisca Cornejo