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Copper-clad contemporary asks $775K in upstate New York

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The facade will age and “develop a patina that reflects time through material changes”

Photos by Ren Nickson

Located in Hillsdale, New York, this four-bedroom, three-bath house is an eye-catching take on the boxy contemporary. Designed and built by Bernheimer Architecture in 2007, the home is clad almost entirely in corrugated copper siding and a mixture of flat-seam and standing seam copper roofing.

The goal of the unusual siding, according to the architect, is to create a facade that will age and “develop a patina that reflects time through material changes.” It also looks pretty dang cool. It helps, of course, that the home is tucked away in the forest on six acres in an upstate hamlet that’s known as a second-home oasis and gateway to the Berkshires.

Inside, the dark, geometric exterior gives way to an airy and minimalist space, with sculpted south-facing skylights that bathe the home in light. An eight-foot tall, 30-foot-long, open bookshelf system runs the length of the ground floor and divides the main living spaces, and the kitchen gleams in stainless steel.

Two of the bedrooms and an office are downstairs while the master is upstairs, but all of the bedrooms feature carefully placed windows that frame forest views. Love what you see? 871 Pumpkin Hill is on the market now for $775,000.

An exterior view of an entrance to a wood and copper house. There’s three plants and a white modern chair in front on a patio.
A small patio greets visitors to the wood and copper facade, with a small inset that’s perfect for plants.
A living room features a fireplace with contemporary sofas and lounge chairs around it. An open bookshelf sits in the back as a room divider.
The main living areas of the home are divided by a 30-foot-long open bookshelf system that runs the length of the ground floor.
A white square dining room table with eight black chairs, wood floors, and a copper pendant lamp.
One room over from the fireplace, a square dining room table sits under a shiny copper globe light.
A galley style kitchen has white cabinets and stainless steel countertops and upper cabinets.
The sleek kitchen is shiny in stainless steel, with a door that leads to the six acre property.
A simple bedroom has a white bed, flower pillows, two windows and a small chair in the corner.
The bedrooms are simple and focused on light, with carefully placed windows and skylights.
A white bed sits on wood floors with white walls. There’s a telescope standing nearby.
This oversized bedroom benefits from a central skylight and warm wood floors.