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What Are Some Cute Hooks to Hang Masks on by a Door?

The Strategist’s advice column rounds up some favorites.

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Rounded wooden hanger with three hooks. Retailer

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Can you round up some cute hooks or pegs to hang masks on by a door?

Whether we like it or not, face masks have become a staple in our daily lives (and wardrobes). Which means, like any other wardrobe staple, we now not only have to think about how best to take care of them, but where to store them when we’re not wearing them. Because they’re an essential on par with our wallets, phones, and keys, it makes sense that you’d want to hang them somewhere impossible to miss as you leave the house, not far from the dog leashes, umbrellas, or reusable grocery totes you may also stash by your front door. But wall hooks can quickly give a space a college-dorm feel, so it’s understandable you want something a bit nicer to look at. Below, I’ve rounded up several hook and peg options for hanging masks (or dog leashes, umbrellas, or reusable grocery totes) that are as good-looking as they are practical.

Hanger made of round white arches.

A single row of hooks on a wall-mounted rack makes the most sense from an organizational perspective, especially since you don’t want your masks to be touching anything else (for sanitary reasons). I love the scalloped design on this sculptural six-hook piece made from resin that feels a bit earthy and primitive. And it’s easy enough to install as it just takes two screws to attach it to a wall.

Oval-shaped wooden hanger with three round hooks.

With its handcrafted, stoneware design, this three-hook piece is more like a functional work of art. (I see it as the more sophisticated older sister of the above set of hooks.) Also available in black, it’s made by Brooklyn-based designer Virginia Sin, who is known for her brutalist, coiled designs, and also installs with two screws (the mounting hardware is included).

One large round orange hook and two smaller ones.

If you prefer individual hooks to a row of them, consider this pair from Fundamental Berlin. I love that the crystal hooks, which come with screws for mounting, double as tiny mirrors. They’re coated with a chromatic film that also refracts the light, creating a lovely effect on your walls.

Black hook against white brick wall.

For a more industrial look, you can try one (or a couple) of these matte black hooks with brass bolt accents.

Brass hook shaped like a hand.

If walls (or the hooks on them) could talk, we imagine this one would say, “Stop! Did you remember your mask?” Made of cast brass, it has several fingers to hang things from, but requires mounting hardware to be bought separately. It’s also available for preorder and will ship in October, according to the retailer.

Package of. multiple white hooks.

While they’re not exactly cute, these adhesive hooks from 3M’s Command line are small enough to be unobtrusive, so your fun printed masks will stand out more than the hooks themselves. The slim wire hooks can hold up to half a pound in weight; this set comes with 16 hooks an 24 adhesive slips that pull off cleanly. (Tim Gunn told us he always uses Command’s adhesive products for his hanging projects because “ they don’t leave any holes in my walls.”)

Package of long white hook.

For an even more minimalist look, these Command hooks have a clear base, making them virtually invisible except for the hook and mask hanging from it.

Horizontal black hanger with four hooks.

This sleek and simple four-hook piece with a matte-black finish and rounded corners will give an entryway a bit more contemporary flair. Bonus: Mounting screws are included.

Horizontal wooden hanger with five black hooks.

A farmhouse-style rack of five hooks would look good in just about any space (including any of Nancy Meyers’s kitchen sets). This one from AmazonBasics has a wooden base (the mounting hardware is included) and its double metal hooks hold up to five pounds each, which means you can hang coats, bags, and other larger items in addition to your masks.

Wedge-shaped wooden hook.

These affordable geometric bamboo pegs look less like hooks than they do wooden sculptures thanks to each one’s angled design and hidden mounting hardware (fasteners are included but you need your own screws). They’d look right at home in a Scandinavian-inspired home — or make any space look a little more like a Scandinavian-inspired home.

Round rattan mirror with small hooks on the bottom frame.

Here’s another option that will allow you to get a better look at yourself (and check for proper mask placement) before you run out. The wall mirror–hook hybrid is made out of rattan and although it doesn’t come with hanging hardware, it looks like it’ll go up easy enough with just a nail or two. While it’s currently on backorder, it will be back in stock in September, according to the retailer.

Vertical hanger with tree branch-like hooks.

A vertically mounted rack of hooks, like this from CB2, will save you horizontal wall space. With six branch-like arms that rotate 180 degrees from the center, you can hang your prettiest, most embellished masks on it et voilà: A mask tree.

White horizontal hanger with a tray on top and hooks underneath.

This simple, six-hook rack has the added storage benefit of a slim built-in shelf above it. Another nifty feature: It’s magnetic, making it a breeze to slap on to a metal front door. (But it can also be mounted to a wall using screws.)

Hanger with white hooks and multi-colored spherical knobs.

Another functional work of art, this is a mid-century modern classic that Ray and Charles Eames originally designed for children back in 1953. It’s made with a sturdy steel frame (that’s screw-mounted) and a series of colorful wooden balls that kind of evoke planets (if they were all in a line instead of in orbit). There are 14 hooks total — plenty for all of your masks, but also everything else.

Horizontal white hanger with multi-colored spherical knobs.

Get the same Kindercore vibe for much less with this colorful pine rack that can be for junior’s masks or your own (just be sure to mount it at a kid-friendly height if it’s for the whole family). Hardware isn’t included, but the low price means you can buy it and still feel like you didn’t spend a ton.

White hanger with spherical wooden knobs.

Another (less colorful) six-hook rack that’s obviously inspired by the Eames design, for a fraction of the price.

Black hanger with a round plate end and cylindrical end.

Made from stainless steel, these modern-looking hooks are built to last and have concealed mounting hardware that gives them the appearance of floating. They’re also sold in a set, making the price seem even more reasonable.

Hanger made up of three different colored arms, each with round white hooks.

For NUMTOTs (that’s New Urbanist Memes for Transit-Oriented Teens, to the uninitiated) — or anyone, really, who misses the thrill (and crush) of riding the train every day — this multi-hook rack inspired by public-transit maps can hold your masks and remind you of of the days we rode the subways without them.

Vertical white hanger with five hooks.

Finally, for those who just don’t want to put a hole in the wall (or even adhere something to it), there is always the over-door option. The vertical nature of this five-hook rack one makes it even easier to reach any masks hanging from it.