10 streets that define America

What do America’s streets—and the people who inhabit them—say about the state of our country in 2016?

What can we learn about our ever-changing country from individual streets? To get to the heart of that question, Curbed took a deep dive into ten cities around the United States—selected for their diverse sizes, ages, populations, and locations—and talked to the people that call each place home.

Throughout these stories, from Burlington to Key West to Denver, four factors emerged as the dominant forces shaping our cities: Regeneration fueled by small businesses, new development and the changes that follow, alternative transportation options, and rich, if burdensome, cultural legacies.

These motifs exist to some degree everywhere, and may be playing out where you live. We’ve pulled out specific data relevant to each location that you can compare to your own local statistics by typing in your zip code—such as the housing density in your town versus Baltimore, or the median home price and per capita income in your neighborhood, versus Honolulu’s King Street.

Because while our differences can seem outsized, our exhaustive reporting has confirmed a universal desire to see American homes and communities prosper.

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Published on October 25, 2016


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