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Abandoned Buildings

10 Instagram accounts for people who love abandoned places

This Halloween, embrace the haunted, eerie, and grotesque right on your phones with these spooktacular Instagram accounts documenting everything from crumbling rural farmhouses to decaying World War II fortresses.

Industrial warehouse converted into semi-communal housing for friends

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of getting in on real estate with friends and building your dream home together, then this conversion project in Belgium might inspire you to give it more serious thought.

Scale Model of 13th-Century Basilica, Made of Wire Mesh, Rises in Italy

In Italy's Puglia region, artist Edoardo Tresoldi has devised a rather ingenious, simple scheme to revive architectural artifacts lost to the ravages of time: wire mesh, full-scale models.

How a Kentucky Town Saved Its Last, Best Midcentury Building

This Video Tour of an Abandoned Asylum Looks Straight Out of a Horror Film

Pablo Escobar's Island Mansion Is Now a Derelict, Beachy Ruin

Shockingly, the Buyer of Connecticut's Famous Ghost Town Vanished, and Now It's Back for $2.4M

Inside Cleveland's Abandoned Spanish Gothic Variety Theater

This NASCAR Racetrack is Now a Spooky Abandoned Wreck

Forget Ruin Porn: 5 Awesome Adapted Spaces That Used to Be Dead Malls

Long Island's Infamously Decrepit Kings Park Psychiatric Center in 53 Photos

An Illicit Look Inside Staten Island's Eerie, Abandoned Hospital

This Empty Mall Overtaken by Snow is So Strange and Beautiful