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Life is sweet on the Gold Coast

You have to see what this enclave of New Jersey has to offer.

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New Jersey’s Gold Coast is well known in the greater New York area for being a vibrant destination full of amenity-laden luxury residences, with a thriving dining and nightlife scene. More and more, Manhattan residents are leaving the city to relocate to the New Jersey coast – just a short ferry ride away – where they can live the same connected, experience-oriented lifestyle with more space and a lower price point (with the added bonus of stunning New York City skyline views!).

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When most people think of the New Jersey Gold Coast, their minds immediately go to the sought-after Hoboken and Jersey City markets, which have blossomed in recent years, attracting a proliferation of new residents. However, the Gold Coast real estate market stretches beyond these two cities into Weehawken and West New York, home to Port Imperial. This burgeoning waterfront destination sits directly on the Hudson River waterfront and is unique from other areas of the Gold Coast in that it manages to feel like both a vacation getaway and a centerpiece of the bustling New York City lifestyle.

A life of luxury

A scenic promenade runs through the entire Port Imperial strip and serves as the backdrop for everyday life. The unique outdoor space gives residents and visitors a front row seat to Manhattan’s world-renowned skylines, but it also serves as more of an amenity space, offering access to the Days Point playground and hosting events like community fitness classes.

The visionaries behind Port Imperial pride themselves on the active and healthy lifestyle that the neighborhood overall promotes for residents. In addition to offering a steady stream of indoor and outdoor fitness activities, residents can run along the promenade, enjoy the many luxury pool areas – offered in nearly every residential building – as well as the state-of-the-art gyms and the yoga and spin studios. There’s also a spa onsite where residents and visitors can regularly treat themselves to a massage or a mani-pedi. Wellness is key!

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A bustling community

When it’s time to get back to reality, the Port Imperial community atmosphere makes it easy. ACME grocer is right there, as is the wine store and the Starbucks. All the essentials for errands are steps away, but, not to worry, Port Imperial also has its own dining scene for those who enjoy eating out.

The popular House of Que, which has its first location on the Hoboken waterfront, just announced that it will be expanding its New Jersey Gold Coast presence with a new location opening at Port Imperial!

Beyond House of Que, restaurants at Port Imperial include everything from Brazilian BBQ, to relaxed pub fare, to upscale steak options, to chic Italian, to sushi and more. You can conveniently grab a quick coffee at Starbucks or a cone from Ben & Jerry’s. Whether you’re out with the kids, on a date, or entertaining guests, you won’t run out of options. The Park Cafe has all your dessert needs covered too — from birthday cake to baklava.

For a trip into the city – be it your daily commute or just a day about town – NY Waterway operates shuttle buses to and from the Port Imperial/Weehawken Terminal. Plus, the NJ Transit buses are an easy way to get in and out of the city. And if you’re looking to stay on the Jersey side of the river, the Hudson Bergen Light Rail is a quick and efficient way to experience Hoboken and Jersey City.

To find out more, visit Port Imperial online.

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