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Meet the modest fashion blogger proving that modesty can be stylish and expressive

Sobia Masood is on a mission to inspire the next generation of Muslim women.

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For Sobia Masood, modest fashion does not equal boring fashion — far from it. Masood is a modest fashion influencer and first-generation Muslim American who views her choice to dress modestly as a source of inspiration, not limitation. “A lot of people have a misconception about what Muslim women wear,” says Masood.

It’s essential for any fashion influencer to have a space where they feel comfortable and inspired. Masood is part of the growing generation of content creators who are turning personal spaces, such as their bedrooms, into their first studios. Masood’s bedroom doubles as her office, studio, and workshop. She spends a lot of her time putting together and photographing her outfits and needs ample closet space for her wardrobe. Enter the IKEA PAX Wardrobe with sliding doors, which she uses for its low footprint and myriad storage options and combinations.

Masood uses this space to help craft and share her message for other Muslim women who choose to dress modestly like she does. “You can actually be fashionable, and whether you choose to wear a headscarf, it’s a personal choice,” she says. She says her choice to dress modestly centers around the idea of humility: “Being humble helps me fulfill my obligations as a Muslim and gain a greater purpose.”

Masood shares her journey on her Instagram as a Muslim woman in America through fashion. She says she hopes to not only inspire other Muslim women, but to encourage all people to embrace their individuality. “Hopefully [my story] encourages and inspires other people to get out there and be accepted for exactly who they want to be.”

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