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Our Top IKEA® Picks for Tiny Home Living

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Most of us have encountered small-space living at some point. For some, it’s navigating a tiny dorm room the first year of college, or a bathroom so small, it barely fits a full skincare routine’s worth of products. Or it’s the first apartment that feels full of big dreams and big ideas — but in reality is full of roommates, and features less-than-ideal square footage. Recently, many people are creating makeshift home offices and workspaces in tight quarters, and still others make the conscious choice to downsize their homes to live more sustainably and affordably by committing to minimalist living or tiny home living.

IKEA understands all of these scenarios — and, more importantly, they understand that it can be hard to find affordable solutions that allow you to get creative with your small space and find storage for all of your stuff, all while looking stylish and put together. We at Curbed understand, too, and it’s why we partnered with IKEA to design a sustainable, 187-square-foot tiny home to reimagine home design through a more affordable, inclusive, and innovative lens.

During the design and building process, we learned the tips and tricks of small-space living, including the best products to help you do the job while practicing sustainability and doing your part to help the environment every day. Here, we’ve collected our top picks for small-space or tiny home living (some of the products below are even featured in the IKEA Tiny Home!) to help you make your home — of any size — a more stylish and sustainable oasis.

Storage and Organization

BROR Utility cart

As seen in the IKEA Tiny Home, this compact utility cart on casters allows for storage space that can be wheeled out when you need it, and stored away when you don’t. The sturdy design is able to hold heavy loads (think: stacks of dishes, or hardware and tools) and is able to withstand moisture and dirt. Plus, the BROR storage system has different units and sizes that are customizable for your specific space and needs.

KUBBIS Rack with 7 hooks

A sleek, compact, and affordable way to store hanging items, this rack takes up little space on your wall but makes a big impact. Hang coats, jewelry, bags, and towels in any room in your home (even in damp indoor areas, like the bathroom) with ease. For more space, combine the 7-hook rack with the KUBBIS 3-hook rack to customize the number of hooks you might need in any given room.


Feel good about your impact on the environment and save space with IKEA’s HÅLLBAR bins, which are designed to make recycling easy without taking up precious space in your home. These stackable bins can help you sort different recyclable materials, a simple but important action that helps these materials on their way to being reused. (Or, you can use the bins for composting instead.) You can feel good about your environmental impact with any IKEA purchase, too — the company has promised that all plastic used in their products will be based on renewable or recyclable materials by 2030, meaning no more single-use plastic.

MALM Storage bed

Your bed takes up a lot of space in your home, so the underbed area shouldn’t go to waste. With the MALM storage bed (used in the IKEA Tiny Home!), you get IKEA’s iconic MALM design combined with storage underneath. Save space in your closet (if you even have one), and store items like extra bedding, pillows, sweaters, and winter coats under your bed instead.

NORDRANA Hanging storage

As seen in the IKEA Tiny Home bathroom, NORDRANA Hanging Storage makes the most of your unused wall or back-of-door space. Just hang it from a hook, and fill it up with the essentials you like to keep close at hand — toiletries and beauty tools in the bathroom, paperwork and mail in your home office. Each piece is hand-crocheted by artisans in Vietnam under fair trade conditions, so it's a unique and useful item you can feel good about.

Low-Impact Kitchen Solutions

TILLREDA Portable induction cooktop

Perfect for small kitchens and tiny homes, the TILLREDA portable cooktop was used in the IKEA Tiny Home and is an easy way to save counter space while also feeling good about your impact on the environment. The cooktop comes with a handle and is easy to move around, so you’re able to stow it when you’re not using it. Induction cooktops are fast and energy efficient, as they transfer energy directly into magnetic cookware — an easy and affordable way to do your part and practice sustainability. (One thing to note before you buy: Induction cooktops require cookware with a magnetic base.)

FINTORP Magnetic knife rack

Store your knives and save space with the stylish FINTORP magnetic rack, perfect for small kitchens. The affordable storage solution takes up little space on your wall, and frees up your counter space to actually, you know, cook, instead of storing a large knife rack. The rack adds a decorative touch to the kitchen space, while allowing you to see and reach all your knives at once while working in the kitchen.

NORDEN Gateleg table

This space-saving gateleg table, featured in the IKEA Tiny Home, is a must-have furniture piece for anyone working with a small kitchen, whether it’s in a studio apartment or tiny home. The compact drop-leaf design seats two to four people, and can be adjusted based on the size of your kitchen space. The table also includes six generously-sized drawers to hold silverware, plates, napkins, and whatever you need handy.

TORNVIKEN Plate shelf

Free up cabinet and counter space with this stylish and affordable wall cabinet made to store plates and other cookware. The rustic, open design makes it easy to see and reach kitchen supplies like plates, cups, and cutting boards on the three shelves, and the unit also includes a row of hooks for even more storage of small pot holders and mugs below.

SEKTION Wall cabinet

IKEA’s range of SEKTION cabinets are installed throughout the IKEA Tiny Home, and this wall-mounted version is an easy way to save valuable floor space while putting your vertical space to good use. The shelves inside are adjustable, so you can customize the height based on what you’re storing away — whether that be the good china, or your everyday glassware. Of course, you can also mount it in your tiny bedroom, bathroom, or wherever you need a bit more space.

Home Office Ideas

PALLRA Mini chest

Brighten up your home office space (no matter how small it is) with this light blue miniature chest, perfect for storing small office supplies like pencils, tape, charging cords, or small notebooks and notepads. The chest is small enough to fit on top of a desk without taking up too much space, or it can be placed inside other IKEA storage solutions.

RIGGAD LED work lamp

Save valuable desk space — and get rid of unwanted cords cluttering up your workspace — with IKEA’s RIGGAD work lamp. It's compact, so it won’t dominate your work desk or table, and it doubles as a handy wireless charger for your smartphone. Purchasing this lamp will help you make an easy sustainable choice, too: IKEA only sells LED lighting, saving up to 85% of energy compared to halogen or old incandescent bulbs.

SKÅDIS Pegboard combination

Store important papers and notes, pens, and other small office supplies in the stylish SKADIS pegboard. The practical and slender pegboard takes up little space in your home office area, but can be used to hold any number of useful objects, making it easier to keep important items in sight and in reach during the workday. Customize your pegboard with IKEA’s accessories (they include small shelves, cups, clips, and more), or buy a ready-made combination.

IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters

An office storage solution that doesn’t take up valuable floor space, the IDÅSEN drawer fits snugly underneath your desk but offers a generous amount of space inside for important papers, notebooks, or other office supplies that you want to keep near your desk. The drawer unit is mounted on casters, meaning you can wheel it in and out from under your desk, or easily store it away when you don’t need it. (Another plus? The outside is magnetic, so you can customize the drawer with the colorful magnets of your choosing.)

Multitasking Decor


Introduce stylish, secret storage space to your home with the FRYKEN baskets, an affordable storage solution that doubles as a decor piece. Each box is handmade, and this set comes with three baskets, with the option of stacking them or placing them in the different areas where you need them most. You can also rest easy knowing that your choices are making a positive impact on the environment — 98% of IKEA home furnishing materials, including packaging, are made from renewable, recyclable, or recycled materials.

MYRHEDEN Memo board

A low-impact way to hang papers, keys, and other small items, the MYRHEDEN memo board also functions as a decor piece that doesn’t take up any counter space. Available in a stylish brass color, the board comes with four hooks and twelve clips to hang anything you desire — important notes or keys, or even decorative items like photos.

LANKMOJ Decorative box

Organize your items, decorate your home, and save space with the LANKMOJ decorative box, an affordable storage container that doubles as an eye-catching and conversation-starting piece of decor with its beautiful, colorful design. The box is perfect for storing small items like jewelry or desk supplies, and comes in a set of two.

MÅNSARP Display shelf with hooks

Display artwork and hang your bulky coats with this display shelf that comes with hooks attached. The shelf on top is perfect for arranging photos and artwork, as well as decorative plants, while the six hooks can hold your coats, bags, keys, or anything you might need. Stylish and functional, this shelf is true multitasking decor and takes up little space on your walls.

Make the Most of a Small Bathroom


The perfect storage solution for a small bathroom — whether it’s in a tiny home or a tiny studio apartment — is this IKEA sink cabinet, which includes a space-saving sink with ample cabinet space below. This unit, which also comes with useful towel hooks on the side, was included in the IKEA Tiny Home as an easy way to save space in the home’s compact bathroom.

HAMNSKÄR Bath faucet

Featured in the IKEA Tiny Home, this faucet is sleek and compact, plus it’s a low-impact way to save energy and practice sustainability every day. The cold start function avoids expending extra energy heating up water, so you can easily skip on the hot water for tasks where you don’t need it, like brushing your teeth. (Fun fact: Every IKEA faucet also has a regulator that mixes in air with the flow so you use less water.)

VILTO Towel stand

An eye-catching and stylish way to hang your towels, the VILTO towel stand also takes up very little space in the bathroom. (We used it in the IKEA Tiny Home to save floor space in the home’s small bathroom!) The stand includes four rods to hang towels, toiletry bags, and more, plus knobs on the side for any additional items: It’s an easy way to give your bathroom an aesthetic center piece and save valuable floor space.

LILLÅNGEN Mirror cabinet

One of the best ways to save space in a small bathroom — whether it be in a small apartment, dorm room, or tiny home — is installing secret storage behind your bathroom mirror. This wall-mounted mirror cabinet, featured in the IKEA Tiny Home, provides two adjustable shelves and a generous amount of space for toiletries, skincare products, and makeup.

Ready to explore more? Find additional resources (including sustainability tips and interviews with tiny home owners) on the IKEA Tiny Home project hub.

The IKEA Tiny Home

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