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National parks and the outdoors

Whether you’re taking a day to hike, a weekend to go camping, or a full week for a National Park vacation, here are the best things to do and best places to stay in the great outdoors.

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The best A-frames and geodesic domes to rent

Add some triangularity to your vacation.

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These are the perfect SF strolls

Step out into summer with one of these nature trails or neighborhood walks.

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9 amazing vacation homes for rent in late winter, spring across Georgia

All come with panoramic views, outdoor living spaces, and lots of natural Peach State beauty.

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6 cozy cabins to rent Up North for a winter getaway

If you’re getting out of southeast Michigan, start with these quaint and jaw-dropping options.

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9 cozy cabins to rent in the mountains above LA

Plan a weekend getaway to Big Bear or Idyllwild.

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15 sweet D.C.-area vacation rentals for $225 a night or less

See your options from the Chesapeake Bay to the hills of West Virginia for when you need to get away.

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10 weird and wonderful San Juan Islands vacation rentals

Island life is a little different, and so are these rentals—from treehouses to a gnome chalet.

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10 Bay Area hikes with spectacular endings

From cliffside lighthouses to the underside of midcentury marvels.

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12 essential Seattle-area hiking trails

Classic day hikes in and near Seattle

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Where to ski and snowboard near Seattle

Looking for adventure? Here’s the essential intel for skiing and snowboarding near the Emerald City.

Modern yurt with a circular loft is a plant-filled oasis

A couple constructed the 730-square-foot yurt outside of Portland, Oregon, for just $65,000.

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8 Philly-area cabins to rent this winter

Some are close to lakes and streams, others are secluded in the woods. But they’re all cozy enough for winter. Enjoy your escape!

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Seattle-area hikes for everyone

Want to bring a dog? Go car-free? Get sweeping views of the Pacific Northwest? Stay a while?

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10 Seattle-area hikes for seeing beautiful fall colors

Put on those cozy wool socks and hiking boots and adventure through the autumn leaves.

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8 beginner hikes in and around Seattle

Whether you are a beginning hiker or an experienced one looking for something close and quick, these trails could be a perfect fit.

The 11 best national parks to visit in fall

Cooler temperatures, fewer people, and stunning foliage are all top reasons to head to a national park this fall.

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Where to see spectacular fall colors in Michigan

From state parks to beach towns, here’s where to see some of the best fall colors in the state.

11 amazing vacation rentals to see fall colors

This autumn, pack your bags and get away from it all in a sea of red, orange, and yellow foliage.

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7 lakeside Berkshire rentals under three hours from Boston

These include spreads in Richmond, New Marlborough, and Pittsfield.

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14 gorgeous waterfront campgrounds near Seattle

Take your tent on a beach vacation.

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10 dog-friendly hikes in and around Seattle

Take your best friends on some beautiful walks, from Discovery Park to Mount Si.

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Where to go stargazing near Seattle

With just a little planning, you can see some jaw-dropping skies. Here’s where to go and how to make the most of your trip.

Love national parks? You’re going to want this new book

"Parks" is a love letter to the United States National Parks Service.

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8 hikes for swimming and wading in the Cascade Mountains

There’s nothing like finishing a sweaty hike with a dip in the cold, alpine water.

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The best 19th-century vacation rentals in New Orleans

Where else are you going to live out your Interview with the Vampire fantasies?

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11 transit-accessible camping trips near Seattle

Does your idea of an outdoor adventure involve transit?

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15 parks near Seattle with cabin rentals

Get outdoors, but not too outdoors, on the cheap, with cabins along the beach, in the woods—or even on a small island.

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7 scenic wine country hikes you shouldn’t miss

Get out of town and into nature by visiting one of these hiking spots in Napa or Sonoma.

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11 iconic fire lookout hikes in the Cascade Mountains

These towers were placed for big views—and now, they beckon adventure

'Parkitecture': 7 amazing rustic buildings in our national parks

Our national parks are renowned for their beauty, wildlife, and recreational opportunities. But they also boast a unique architectural style known as "parkitecture."

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Day hiking on Mount Rainier: An introductory guide

There’s so much to explore on the Northwest’s most visible mountain—but here’s how to get started.

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The best Bay Area beaches to visit

From sandy shores by the Golden Gate Bridge to tide pools in Bolinas, these spots provide the perfect escape.

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14 Washington State campgrounds with historic buildings to explore

Campouts for history buffs, architecture aficionados, and abandoned-place enthusiasts.

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Philly rises in ranking of country’s best park systems

95 percent of residents live within walking distance of a park

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10 great places to swim in metro Detroit

Whether it’s pools, lakes, or rivers, there’s plenty of great places in Southeast Michigan to take a plunge.

38 must-have apps for summer camping and road trips

From trip planning to packing checklists to finding the perfect hiking trail, there’s an app for that.

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9 dog-friendly campgrounds near Seattle

Get your pup tent—and your pup—ready for an adventure.

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8 essential backpacking trips near Seattle

When was the last time you found bliss in the backcountry?

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18 wildflower hikes to explore near Seattle

Alpine wildflowers in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest are some of the most impressive in the country.