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Affordable Housing

How to Avert the Next Housing Crisis

After a role at the United Nations, Leilani Farha launched a new effort to protect housing rights.

The Language Around Homelessness Is Finally Changing

From "the homeless" to "people without homes," an AP Stylebook recommendation could transform how Americans view the crisis.

The Unsurprising Reason More Black Americans Are Becoming Homeless

"If we fix the system for Black people, we’ll fix it for everyone."

Why Google’s plan to build a ‘smart’ neighborhood failed

Sidewalk Labs has abandoned its proposal to remake Toronto’s waterfront.

What it’s like to organize renters during a pandemic

"We’ve been living in a crisis forever and now it’s time to bring the crisis to the landlords that caused it," says Joel Feingold.

There is no housing crisis in ‘Animal Crossing’

Between unaffordable rent and a global pandemic, it’s no wonder people are turning to a video-game utopia.

Bernie Sanders said the U.S. should provide housing for all. Coronavirus proved he was right.

The presidential candidate championed a universal right to shelter when the country needed it most.

Millions of Americans didn’t pay rent on April 1. Now what?

Tenants are calling on state and federal leaders to cancel rent for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

With mortgage relief in place, stimulus deal targets homelessness, public housing

While the terms won’t apply to everyone, it’s a good start.

A new documentary shows how opinions on public housing are changing

‘East Lake Meadows’ offers a complex, compassionate look at the former Atlanta projects.

‘Stay Home?’ 500,000 Homeless Americans Can’t Follow Coronavirus Advice

Washing your hands and stocking up on food isn’t easy to do if you don’t have a permanent address.

5 essential books to understand the housing crisis

It’s not your fault that you can’t afford a home—it’s government policy, ruthless banks, and discrimination.

In Biden vs. Sanders race, two differing visions for housing

How the U.S. addresses its affordability crisis will be determined by Democratic primary voters.

The U.S. has an affordable housing crisis. Here’s why

Market forces, policy decisions, and demographic changes have converged, making it more difficult to increase affordable housing for renters and buyers in U.S. cities.

Where the Democratic primary candidates stand on housing

The affordable housing shortage has made housing policy center stage in the 2020 election.

Low-income renters are struggling. Here’s how Democrats plan to help them.

Presidential candidates have proposed massive investments in the National Housing Trust Fund—but what is it?

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More seniors are living alone. Stop blaming them for the housing crisis.

While seniors do occupy a lot of housing, a closer analysis shows they aren’t causing the problem.

The real reason California’s upzoning bill failed

SB 50 was opposed by wealthy homeowners—but that’s only part of the story.

U.S. renters are richer, older, and have larger households

A new Harvard report finds that the market is appealing to well-heeled renters, with middle-income renters feeling the squeeze.

Will upzoning neighborhoods make homes more affordable?

Cities and states across the country are proposing new upzoning laws to combat the housing crisis. Will they work?

Could a 35-story, all-wood skyscraper cut housing costs?

A "pure timber" proposal from Sidewalk Labs could make building homes cheaper and more climate-friendly.

Where’s Joe Biden’s housing plan?

In a dwindling field, Biden is the only Democratic presidential contender without a housing platform.

Will California house or hide its growing homeless population?

Plans to move the state’s homeless residents into centralized facilities gain steam.

Affordable housing is in crisis. Is public housing the solution?

Democrats on the left have proposed a huge expansion of public housing, but policy experts say it isn’t the answer.

New Trump rule could repeal Obama effort to promote housing desegregation

Proposed change to the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule taps into debate around increasing affordable housing.

10 ways our cities failed us this decade

We let big tech take over and dragged our feet on climate, but it’s not too late to change.

Trump’s new homeless czar a ‘real-life horror,’ say housing advocates

Robert Marbut’s polarizing methodology goes against the "housing first" approach that has worked in many U.S. cities.

Housing should be funded like infrastructure. Now Congress has a plan for that

New bills and this week’s Democratic debate address the affordable housing crisis.

Would a universal basic income help you make rent?

The idea has gained momentum, but its effect on housing is hard to game out.

Why hospitals want to invest in affordable housing

The Healthcare Anchor Network believes better housing is a great investment in health and community wellness.

By letting homeowners rent spare rooms, PadSplit aims for cheaper coliving

Atlanta-based startup expands its platform to let anyone rent out a spare bedroom long-term.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest legislation? Housing justice for all

AOC’s "A Place to Prosper Act," part of "A Just Society" proposal, seeks transparency, equity in housing.

Bernie Sanders says ‘housing must be a right’ with $2.5 trillion plan

Announced during a campaign stop in Las Vegas on Saturday, the proposal Includes national rent control, community land trust, and housing assistance as an entitlement.

How the Homes Guarantee proposal could make housing a right

Progressive political coalition wants to make green, affordable housing a right, and de-commodify housing market.

Sleek prefab cabins adapted into pre-approved ADUs

Bay Area housing startup Abodu tapped U.K. studio Koto to turn its minimalist prefab homes into city-approved ADUs.

Candidates, it’s time to talk about housing

Affordable housing advocates are hoping the topic takes center stage at tonight’s debate.

Housing proposal backed by AOC and the Squad takes aim at affordability crisis

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her crew hint at forthcoming legislation.

HUD proposes rule that would make housing discrimination lawsuits ‘impossible’

It’s the latest in a string of attempts by Ben Carson and HUD to undermine Obama-era fair housing regulations.

Trump’s new rule targets housing subsidies for legal immigrants

Under revised rule, immigrants deemed likely to need housing subsidies will be denied entry to the U.S.