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Working With an Architect

Everything you need to know about working with an architect.

How to find the best architect for your home improvement

An expert from the American Institute of Architects outlines five steps for finding an architect, and notes "This is a relationship that you’re entering, so it should be with someone that you feel you can work with over a period of time."

Guide to how architects charge for their services

If you feel in-the-dark as to how architects charge for their work, you’re in good company—it’s a system that mystifies architects, too. Here’s a breakdown of the three basic fee structures that clients can expect.

10 questions you must ask your architect

We spoke with different architects and checked in with the American Institutes of Architects to see what questions firms love to get asked by clients, but often don’t.

A guide to deciphering architect lingo

Architecture boasts a language all its own. To help you avoid confusion, here’s a comprehensive list of the most important words to familiarize yourself with before you sit down with your architect.

What to expect when working with an architect

The process of working with an architect is quite fluid, with the architect donning many hats at various times, from big picture thinker to detailed project manager. No matter what type of project, be prepared to follow these five basic steps.