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Here’s Why the Golden Gate Bridge Was Singing

On Friday, the Golden Gate Bridge doubled as a musical instrument as wind passed through its hallowed arches, resulting in a creepy and ghostly tune heard for miles.

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83 facts about the Golden Gate Bridge for its 83rd birthday

It’s nice when the one you love can still surprise you.

The ground floor of this Japanese home is a public library

Bookshelves line the bright white walls and a smooth concrete bench curves into a reading circle.

488-square-foot Hawaiian forest cabin comes with a fire pit 

The tiny retreat is a sturdy rebuttal to its precarious but beautiful surroundings.

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An abridged history of the Transbay Transit Center over the years

A look back at eight decades of San Francisco’s fantastic—and frustrating—public transit leviathan.

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Don’t you dare tear down this Brutalist building, San Jose

These type of buildings are misunderstood by the general public.

This courtyard house does indoor-outdoor living in 473 square feet

The renovated space is a sanctuary from the bustle of Beijing.

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Now that Twitter employees can work at home forever, what’s to become of its headquarters?

The tech titan’s move into an Art Deco monolith in Mid-Market was supposed to be a symbol of change.

Riverfront house on stilts is ready to float above flood water 

If you’re going to build a home on a flood plain, you’re going to need some stilts.

A prefab glass cabin with a very Icelandic view

Perfect for gazing at endless snow—and the Northern Lights

A minimalist house in the countryside with 30-foot chimneys

The off-white stacks are visible from almost every vantage point on the 45-acre property.

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Clap your hands for Salesforce Tower

It lives for the applause.

A glass ‘farmhouse’ rises on a woodsy island

The owners wanted the home to feel like a natural extension of its forested surroundings.

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Here’s why the La Grande Tank is the greatest unofficial landmark of SF

Sutro Tower who?

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How the glass curtain wall was born

Architecture historians consider the Hallidie Building groundbreaking, with some calling it the most important modern building in San Francisco.

These modular cabins put a Brutalist spin on prefab

The Gomos System builds adaptable spaces from concrete modules.

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West Oakland facility designed to feed students pivots to emergency food bank

The $43 million-dollar project extends its services to help people in need during the pandemic.

Striking white facade shelters a modest family home

The family home is split in two—both aesthetically and thematically.

A moody holiday home where wood takes center stage 

The main hub of activity involves the angled offshoot—which contains a master suite, office, and deck—and the main living area below.

Pair of prefab homes ‘intertwine’ on a single lot

The project is a handsome exercise in bringing a bit more density to tight urban lots.

Newly built home is a gleaming ode to midcentury modern style

The homeowner, who also acted as a civil engineer on the project, wanted the house to showcase the best of midcentury architecture.

Small apartment building puts a playful spin on brick

The humble material adds texture and privacy to the four-unit building.

This modern home is all clean lines and neutrals

This house in Toronto is 8,657 square feet of clean, neutral-loving style.

These downloadable architecture projects let kids build their own cities and skyscrapers

British firm Foster + Partners developed a series of activities for kids to explore architecture at home.

Ultra-minimalist cabin bares all to the countryside

With windows for walls, this tiny abode is all about the views.

An energy-efficient mountain house designed to last

Built with an eye to the future, this house in the Rocky Mountains is designed for aging in place.

Former garage transforms into gorgeous home with Brutalist charm 

This Barcelona home is small in size, but rich in concrete—and views.

Japanese home has a giant hole in the living room—by design

The elliptical mezzanine creates an unusual space to retreat.

This concrete house is growing a mini forest inside its walls

The striking residence has trees spilling out of its windows and balconies.

Eileen Gray gets her due with in-depth retrospective

Now you can explore the designer-architect’s legacy from your couch.

A no-nonsense concrete beauty with a showstopping pool

The home centers around a cavernous living and dining area with sweeping views out back.

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A guide to the work of Stanley Saitowitz, the Bay Area’s most polarizing designer

"I am much less interested in self-expression than in establishing opportunities that enable occupants to express themselves."

Gorgeous tiny house oasis built for paradise

Savvy design choices help the 260-square-foot-home live large in Hawaii.

Modern black cabin comes with a playful perk

The scenic living room is great for relaxing—and working out.

New prefab home designs channel gorgeous, moody Scandinavian style

U.K. studio Koto’s Piha and Yksi concepts will soon join Plant Prefab’s sustainability-focused LivingHomes line.

Simple brick home comes with enviable courtyard

In addition to brick, volcanic stone sourced from the site is also a star material, found in the foundation, stairs, and perimeter walls.

Concrete oasis hides gardens galore

This house in Cyprus has not one but four gardens, and all of them are "secret."

Arched concrete home extension was designed for drama

The addition extends the original L-shaped house, creating a hard to miss contrast between the curved and the orthogonal.

A sophisticated take on the rammed earth house

Built from the ancient construction technique, this Brazilian home is anything but unrefined.