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A love letter to Glen Park’s Brutalist BART station

This unsung hero of "brooding grandeur" is the Bay Area’s most stunning transit station, period.

All-white cabin blends into snowy landscape

Covering a modest 1,200 square feet, the cabin employs a simple layout and palette of materials to keep costs down.

Dramatic ‘Ghost House’ is all concrete, steel, and glass

The award-winning design has been described as "ethereal," "haunting," and "beautiful."

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The most beautiful interiors in Detroit, mapped

16 Detroit spaces that take our breath away.

Gorgeous courtyard house in Hawaii is an indoor-outdoor dream

In a nod to traditional Hawaiian villages, the Makani’ Eka House comprises four structures that cluster around a courtyard, walkways, and patios.

Easy-breezy modern barn is nestled into a hill

The three-story house features a garage on the lowest level embedded into a hill and a main entrance on the second level where the land flattens out.

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San Francisco’s most polarizing buildings 

Love ’em or loathe ’em, these structures won’t be ignored.

A minimalist modern mountain home in California

The ski-in, ski-out retreat uses concrete, glass, steel, and walnut to create an organic yet minimalist and polished look.

Marvelous home addition makes brilliant use of old ruins

It’s a gorgeous reminder that building something new doesn’t mean getting rid of the old.

A bright attic renovation full of curves and yellow

The cheerful space features curved cutouts, built-ins, and sunny accents throughout.

Simple renovated beach house goes all in on timber

Wonky geometry is balanced by a Sea Ranch-inspired aesthetic.

Minimalist lofts built atop converted button factory

The adaptive reuse project merges housing with renovated artist studios.

The midcentury home Drake demolished to build his Toronto mansion

The razed house was a 1963 design from a pioneering modernist.

Giant staircase takes center stage in this Japanese house

Intended to house two families, the design employs the hulking staircase as a way to subtly connect residents on the ground floor and the upper floors.

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The history of the Twitter building

Mid-Market building got its start as a Depression-era furniture showcase.

Tropical home on stilts is one with the palm trees

The sleek weekend getaway was designed to have minimal impact on the lush landscape.

Clever modern duplex allows indoor-outdoor living on a small lot

Staying home doesn’t have to mean staying inside all day.

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A look at the Forest Hill Station

San Francisco’s oldest Muni station deserves a second look.

Sculptural apartment building was designed to evoke a ship

This modern apartment building aims to evoke the form and feel of a maritime vessel.

Striking terraced house was made for family gatherings

The home embraces the landscape’s natural incline with a layout that steps upward in wide terraces.

A modern backyard home designed for aging in place

All of the main living spaces are on the ground floor, while a sliding glass door allows easy access to the garden.

Soak up Hawaii’s natural beauty in this Vladimir Ossipoff midcentury

Designed in 1964, the 8,000-square-foot residence is big on views and water features.

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Take a virtual tour of the Winchester Mystery House from your sofa

"The house seems designed to confuse anyone other than its owner; it is a place in which you might lose yourself."

Modern indoor-outdoor home makes a dreamy forest escape

Like dominos in a row, five rectangular volumes line up one after the other to make up this breezy getaway.

An airy indoor-outdoor home built around plants

Its unusual layout accommodates some stubborn hedges on an irregular site.

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San Francisco's most iconic buildings

These are the legends in a skyline in constant flux.

Modern brick home is a patterned beauty

The low-slung, rectilinear volume stretches across the site, encased in a playful pattern of bricks, steel, and glass.

This pink concrete home is an affordable housing prototype

The design is part of a larger exploration of attractive homes for middle- and low-income families.

Moody Japanese house keeps things simple

Bunker-like on the outside, airy on the inside, the home centers around a sunlit courtyard.

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How Postwar Icon Joseph Eichler Built a Suburb in the Middle of S.F.

The famed developer created affordable midcentury-modern designs smack dab in the heart of the city.

A sleek glass-and-concrete addition built into a hill

This modern extension of an old stone home in Navarra, Spain, is literally one with the landscape.

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A brief history of the Beaux Arts courthouse in SoMa

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals building reads like a love letter to granite and marble.

Simple modern home is all about the river views

With cleans lines, white walls, and relatively neutral furnishings throughout, the home does little to take away from its natural surroundings.

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Meditate on this minimalist home converted from a factory

In this serene home belonging to a woodwork enthusiast, it’s all about the subtle mixing of materials.

Dead mall transformed into urban park, complete with wading pool

Inventive Dutch firm MVRDV offers a novel take on what to do with abandoned malls with this project in Taiwan.

Gridded house wears structure on its sleeve

Exposing the green steel frame is both an aesthetic statement and a clever conceit for showing off the inner workings of the house.

Simple modern cabin blends in with its lakeside surroundings

Built from birch and pine, this cabin is a picture-perfect ode to its idyllic setting.

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A dreamy writer’s studio rises in the woods

Clad in fieldstone, bluestone, and glass, the 650-square-foot studio was custom-built for crafting poetry.

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Quirky midcentury house restored to original glory

The renovation celebrates architect Andrew Geller’s penchant for geometric whimsy.