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Iconic modern houses get the Thomas Kinkade treatment

You can thank the Twitter account @robyniko for what is sure to be your new computer wallpaper.

Japanese mountain tunnel becomes art in spectacular architectural installation

MAD renovated the tunnel for the 2018 Echigo-Tsumari Triennale art festival, turning it into a series of eye-catching lookouts and installations that are in and of themselves pieces of art.

Stunning art installation fills 400-year-old Greek ruin with colorful ‘pixels’

Created by German artist duo Quintessenz, the installation is made from more than 120 pieces of fabric that hang in layers to create a pixelated effect.

These basketball courts are out of this world

With a standard layout and plenty of surface area to work with, basketball courts are ripe for mesmerizing transformations that challenge our sense of the familiar.

Donald Judd furniture show opens at SFMOMA

The exhibition is an in-depth look at Judd’s distinct breed of barebones furniture, ranging from his early work to designs he owned to the made-to-order pieces now available for purchase.

World’s most Instagrammable art exhibition just opened in Tokyo

The museum is exhibiting 50 hyper-colored digital works, which immerse visitors in wild and whimsical worlds that respond to touch, sound, and movement.

Marvel at Bodys Isek Kingelez’s spectacular cityscapes made of everyday materials

Crafted by the late Congolese artist Bodys Isek Kingelez, these colorfully fantastical visions speak to the power of architecture to change a city’s future.

At Venice Architecture Biennale, U.S. pavilion tackles borders and citizenship

The pavilion’s group exhibition, "Dimensions of Citizenship" is a dense and comprehensive show.

Rotating mirrored installation is an Instagram dream

The towers rise nine feet into the air and spin around on a pedestal via a hidden motor. The motion is pre-programmed to reflect New York City’s activity over the course of a day.

This stream has:

NYCxDesign 2018: News and updates

Furniture, art, installations, and more

To better understand the U.S.-Mexico border, one artist is tying knots

Mexican-American artist Tanya Aguiñiga explores immigration, identity, and culture in her first solo show at the Museum of Arts and Design.

Buying art for beginners: 6 things to consider

Industry insiders give us their best tips for purchasing a perfect piece of art for your space.

15 beautiful museum furniture collections around the world

From period rooms to hand-carved chairs, we’ve rounded up the best furniture on display.

Art collective wants to take its musical architecture on the road

New Orleans Airlift has been building houses that double as instruments for the last seven years and now it’s looking to take its musical architecture on the road.

Kengo Kuma’s new sculpture can absorb 90,000 cars worth of pollution

The piece combines origami and 3D-printing techniques to sculpt nearly 2,000 square feet of air-purifying fabric.

How marching bands became tools for cultural and political expression

"March On," a new exhibition at the Storefront for Art & Architecture, dives into the history of marching bands in African American culture.

Catch a whiff of polluted cities in these geodesic domes

In Pollution Pods, artist Michael Pinksy recreated the atmospheres of five cities and encapsulated them in transparent pods in the courtyard of London’s Somerset House.

16 gorgeous sculpture parks in the U.S.

We’ve rounded up 16 sculpture parks and outdoor museums that have both outstanding art and picturesque settings.

Mesmerizing kinetic sculpture looks like a tree reflected in water

The latest work from Plebeian Design and Hypersonic hangs upside-down from an atrium ceiling and rotates slowly like a mobile.

Edoardo Tresoldi’s ethereal wire mesh sculptures rise in the California desert

Called "Etherea," the site-specific installation features three life-size structures inspired by neoclassical and baroque architecture.

Christo’s newest floating sculpture is now under construction in London

Called The Mastaba, the piece will be built from 7,506 multi-colored barrels stacked into a massive trapezoidal pyramid.

Dream Machine transforms abandoned retail space into the latest made-for-Instagram ‘experience’

Swimming in 38,000 balls? Going down a "Willy Wonka-inspired" rainbow hallway? It was all a dream!

This artist creates the dreamiest places you wish were real 

We chat with Cape Town artist Alexis Christodoulou about his process and inspirations. Spoiler: It’s a lot of architecture.

This video of a shapeshifting white box is vaguely architectural, totally mesmerizing

Will we one day control our environment with dance moves?

How a 15-page DIY book forever changed travel for black Americans

Now on view at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design, "Derrick Adams: Sanctuary" investigates the book as both an artifact of Jim Crow America and as a constructive force against racism.

Obama portraits, in setting and style, reflect first couple’s love for contemporary design

The artworks by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald reflect how the Obamas have championed diverse, modern art.

Record-breaking drone show lights up Winter Olympics opening ceremony

It’s four times the scale of a similar spectacle at Lady Gaga’s 2017 Super Bowl half-time show.

These minimalist 3D city maps are made of wood

These maps show detailed layers of waterways and city streets in thin sheets of laser cut plywood.

How Meow Wolf’s immersive, psychedelic art resists our urge to Instagram everything

In Santa Fe, an art collective has created an "undocumentable" place. Designers: take note.

New exhibitions prove there’s no furniture like architect-designed furniture 

Two new exhibitions at NYC’s Friedman Benda gallery focus on architect-designed furniture, featuring both 20th-century masters and emerging firms of today.

MoMA announces ‘Concrete Utopia’ exhibition spotlighting Yugoslavian architecture

Debuting this July, the show will feature over 400 drawings, models, photos, and films from the former country’s leading architects.

New Etsy shop will build a detailed Lego model of your home

Little Brick Lane uses photos and plans of your home to build a mind-bogglingly detailed Lego replica.

19 U.S. museums with outstanding architecture

At a well-designed museum, the architecture can rival the art. We round up 19 of the most beautiful museums in the United States.

Ettore Sottsass drawing comes to life as a pavilion

Rome-based architectural practice 2A+P/A has brought to life a drawing by Italian designer and architect Ettore Sottsass.

Sweden’s Icehotel is back, this time with a ‘Monstera’ room

This year’s Icehotel invited 36 artists from 17 countries to create a main hall, ice ceremony hall, and 15 new "art suites."


This architect couple collects artwork and architectural models from 17th- to 19th-century Europe

Architects David Weingarten and Lucia Howard have collected over 4,000 pieces of artwork and architectural souvenirs from the 17th- to 19th-century Europe.

Rare Leonardo da Vinci painting sells for record $450M at auction

"Salvator Mundi," reportedly the last Leonardo Da Vinci painting in private hands, just sold for $450.3 million.

16th-century Milan church transforms into a tennis court

The floor, net, rackets, tennis balls, iced tea, and coaches are all part of an interactive art piece.

This color-changing furniture is kind of genius

Covered with a ridged lenticular surface that refracts the light from a color gradient, the pieces look as if they’re changing color as you move around them.