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6 Stellar Renovation Stories from Curbed Readers

Here are the best renovation stories from our community.

Share Your Renovation Photos With Us

Send photos of your home renovation to or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #Curbed, and share your stories in the comments.

Spring Gardening Is Upon Us! What's Blooming in Your Home?

In honor of warmer, sunnier days, we want to see the unique ways you've decorated your homes with plants this spring.

Curbed Readers Share Their Favorite Drink-and-Interior Pairings

The people have spoken: Here are 15 great beverage and decor pairings from across the Curbediverse.

Interior Mixology: What's Your Favorite Drink and Interior Pairing?

Where you drink is as important as what you drink, so we want to know: Where would you sit and drink a Manhattan? A glass of rose? And what sips best in a Barcelona Chair or an Eames Lounge Chair? Sound off!