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The ultimate guide to Googie

How LA got its grooviest architecture

Can utopia ever exist?

The final episode of Nice Try! season one explores utopias by and for feminists.

Traces of this fascist utopia still exist in modern Berlin

Episode 5 of "Nice Try!" explores Germania, the capital city Nazis designed to embody their destructive world view.

Listen to Season 1 of Nice Try!

The first season of "Nice Try!" tells the stories of the world’s most fascinating communities.

The ‘free love’ utopia behind your forks and knives

Episode 4 of "Nice Try!" explores how a radical, polyamorous 19th-century commune became a symbol of middle-class domesticity.

How the dream of homeownership failed African Americans

The third episode of Nice Try! travels to postwar suburbia, where homebuyers were sold their own personal utopias.

The Kardashians have this modernist Indian city to thank for their dining chairs

The second episode of "Nice Try!" explores the Indian government’s attempt to create a town as a work of art—and the iconic furniture that was made for it.

Jamestown, America’s other experiment

The first episode of "Nice Try!" looks at England’s first permanent colony and asks: Utopia for whom?

A model home for the modern era

How industrial designer Gilbert Rohde helped Herman Miller become America’s top producer of modern furniture.

How to buy a sofa

Designers dish on the most important seat in the house.