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12 beige paints that aren’t boring at all

The subtle shade—whether it’s called fawn, pale brown, buff, sand, sandy, oatmeal, khaki, ecru—is a soothing and versatile background.

10 best black paints for your home

We asked designers to name their favorite black shades. Included in the mix are the array of "off blacks;" blacks with undertones of brown, blue, and gray.

18 enticing new books on design, cities, and more

This year’s best design and urbanism books feature everything from impeccable modern interiors to fantastical cityscapes.

Can money create a neighborhood?

Across the country, developers are building megaplexes meant to attract eager shoppers and savvy diners. Curbed and Eater editors weigh in on the community effects.

Las Vegas now

In the wake of a housing crisis and a wave of urban experimentation, a changed Las Vegas is emerging.

Introducing the 2016 Curbed Groundbreakers

Our annual Groundbreakers award showcases the talents of architects working to change the way the built world functions. But this year, our winners aren’t stopping with buildings. They’re out to change the world.

Building for the future versus preserving the past

Historic preservation takes many guises, often linked by the common concern of how to look to the future while respecting the past. Here’s how Baltimore, Key West, and Jackson are tackling the issue.

Phoenix and Honolulu seek alternatives to a car-dependent future

While cars dominate American roadways, city dwellers are turning to alternate modes of transport—for speed, exercise, and the environment.

The residential transformation of America's empty urban cores

Not every story about gentrification involves the displacement of a population. Here are three case studies that are anything but cut-and-dry.

Celebrating diversity brings new energy to old neighborhoods

A nation of immigrants doesn't remain static. Burlington and Sacramento show how diversity continues to reshape, redefine, and renew American cities.