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Jeff Andrews joined Curbed in 2017. He covers the housing market and housing policy from a data perspective. Previously, he's written for Vocativ, Vice's Noisey, ESPN, The Associated Press, among others. He holds a BA in journalism from the University of North Texas and an MBA from Georgetown University. You can email him tips or music recommendations at Follow him on Twitter at @jandrews81.

Expect More Piles of Garbage — Proverbial and Otherwise — as NYC’s Budget Crisis Unfolds

What if we lose too many rich people?

Are the Wealthy Starting to Leave San Francisco?

Seemingly contradictory signals in housing-market data suggest that the rich are looking to bolt.

Are New Yorkers Really Buying Cars in Droves Now?

A skeptical look at the so-called Vroom Boom.

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It’s finally a renter’s market. But for how long?

Manhattan Is a Buyer’s Market at Last. Brooklyn Looks to Be Next.

Sale prices are down, inventory is rising.

There’s Nothing to Trump’s Affordable-Housing Fearmongering

Waving a gun at protestors doesn’t make you an urbanism expert.

Brooklyn Rents Are Finally Starting to Drop

We already know many Manhattan rents are dropping. Brooklyn’s are too, in these areas.

How Ben Carson Tried to Destroy Fair And Affordable Housing

The neurosurgeon took a scalpel to HUD.

Vacancies in Manhattan Are Piling Up — That’s Good News If You’re a Renter

Back-to-school season will be different this year.

Manhattan’s Housing Market Is Coming Back

The real estate market in NYC is starting to function again — and the current dynamics clearly favor buyers over sellers.