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Hi, I'm Jeremiah. I'm the editor of Flipped, Curbed's shortform section.

Cal Ripken Jr.’s house comes with a baseball diamond, asks $12.5 million

Ripken’s Maryland mansion is the ultimate athlete residence.

Great Wall of China gets covered in cement, does not look great

The "repairs" were made in 2014, but have only recently come to light.

Filmmaker Gary Hustwit on virtual reality, typomania, and Olympic architecture

The acclaimed mind behind "Helvetica" talks to Curbed about virtual reality in documentary cinema, post-Olympics infrastructure, and how his first feature-length film made typeface lovers out of laypeople.

Tragically unwanted basket building headed to foreclosure

The Longaberger Company Headquarters has dropped its price from $7.5M to $5M.

Do you want a virtual tour of Patrick Bateman’s American Psycho apartment?

It’s tiny bit weird if you do, but here you go.

The Dursleys’ house from Harry Potter is on the market for £475,000

Accio down payment!

Ask Flipped: Should I make a new bed every day?

Seems like a lot of work.

Karim Rashid wants you to realize how poorly designed everything you own is

Our podcast, The Curbed Appeal, returns with a conversation with the mercurial and controversial designer and architect.

This $2.75M North Carolina mansion sure is... homey

Cold... so cold...

The Curbed Appeal podcast returns on September 15

Curbed’s podcast, The Curbed Appeal, returns for its second season next Thursday, September 15, with special guest designer Karim Rashid. If you missed the first season of the podcast, here is everything you need to know.