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What’s next for Mexico City’s urban innovation lab?

The lab is tackling the challenges of the ‘impossible possible’ city.

Making tiny shelters from recycled materials

At $5,000, the design is affordable and customizable

From parking garage to community space

When landscape architect and Harvard Graduate School of Design professor Sergio Lopez-Pineiro lived in Buffalo, he lived very near one particular parking structure. "I started thinking of it as a place that would be interesting for playing," he said.

Creating a learning center for the trash collectors of Cairo

How one firm hopes to replace shipping containers

Could giant bubbles make Beijing’s historic courtyard housing more livable?

Architect Ma Yansong of MAD Architects, a former student of Zaha Hadid, argues that the bubbles would preserve the most essential elements of Beijing's traditional hutongs.

How redesigning crosswalks could make cities safer

San Francisco firm Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects has a proposal to redesign crosswalks in the city, where at least three pedestrians are hit by cars every day.

Leaving room for artists in gentrifying London

One local firm sees potential in leftover spaces

Creating Public Space Along a Forgotten River in Brazil

Architect Carlos Teixeira imagines community and arts space above the Tietê River in Brazil.

A new future for old city markets

As shopping moves indoors and online, one architect wants to revitalize the traditional market.

How to Make Architecture More Animal-Friendly

Architect Joyce Hwang believes designing habitats for animals is an aspect of sustainability