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Habitat 2.0

Moshe Safdie’s iconic Canadian complex makes a comeback.

Meet the man who dedicated his life to creating artificial rivers

In East Texas, Jeff Henry has created a network of infinite artificial rivers at his family’s chain of water parks, Schlitterbahn. Think of it as nature well-suited for a generation raised on electronically enabled instant gratification

Why urban green roofs aren't just pretty gardens

In the latest installment of Engineered Nature, Karrie Jacobs explores the world's largest rooftop farms in Brooklyn and Chicago and discovers the place where high tech strategies and mother nature meet.

Paradise under the expressway

In the second installment of Engineered Nature, Karrie Jacobs explores the Buffalo Bayou in Houston and examines how a change in perspective can turn a highway’s inhospitable underside into a bucolic park.

The Library Whisperer

Can architect Francine Houben remake the public library?

Part VI: The Contractor, the Engineer, the Architect, and the Dead Cow

Part V: The Architect of America's Coolest Neighborhood Designs Our House

Part IV: Breaking up With Prefab for Good

Part III: The Russian Billionaire and the Luxury Resort

Part II: The Barn That Got Away