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Laura Fenton writes about home design and sustainability. She is a regular contribute to Curbed, and her work has been published in Better Homes & Gardens, Eater, New York Magazine, and Parents. Her forthcoming book, The Little Book of Living Small, will be published by Gibbs Smith in April 2020.

Laura lives in Jackson Heights, Queens with her family.

These 12 things will make a tiny home feel much bigger

The affordable, off-the-shelf products work hard to make a tiny home feel (and sometimes even look) much grander than it is.

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The best home organization hacks, according to Curbed editors

We gathered tried-and-tested tips, tricks, and mantras for keeping your house tidy.

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How to start an eco-friendly laundry routine

A few simple swaps can reduce your energy usage and make your clothes last a whole lot longer.

We want to hear your homebuying story

Curbed is seeking the stories of first-time homebuyers across the country.

Considering a fixer-upper? Here’s what you need to know

Working on a fixer-upper may sound like fun, but the overhaul process can quickly overwhelm.

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Pro tips to improve your home’s lighting—without an electrician

Designers share their strategies to buy or DIY your way to a calmer, more flattering lighting scheme.

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Find your solo interior style 

Follow this expert advice to define your interior style and wrangle your mismatched furnishings into a cohesive look.

How to pick a neighborhood to call home

Follow this expert advice to assess a new neighborhood’s value and livability.

Is a condo or co-op right for you?

Ask yourself these questions before placing offer on a new home.

Is a homeowners' association right for you?

HOAs can provide security and amenities, but they’ll likely dictate things like house color and landscaping. Understanding the intricacies—and fees—involved with living in a planned community is important.