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Mary Jo Bowling served as Curbed's home scouting editor through March 2018. During her tenure, she produced the weekly House Calls column.

24 irresistible kitchen and dining rooms to inspire you this holiday season

No matter how you slice it, the Thanksgiving season means focusing on the kitchen and dining room. So here, we serve up some of the best for you.

Bionic forges lush landscapes and public spaces in the dense Bay Area

The San Francisco firm specializes in projects that are juicy, brainy, and—in some cases—seemingly impossible.

‘Do you think I could ever afford to build a modern house?’

That’s what the Walker family asked their architect. He answered by designing a home for under $200 per square foot.

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‘We never dreamed we’d live in a Neutra house’

A midcentury modern-loving couple finds their dream house where they least expect it.

This $135K shipping container house lets its owners live mortgage free

Missouri couple makes an affordable, recycled home out of shipping containers.

‘Homes like this are like a soft, comfortable sweater’

An architect, an author, and a house that’s new and old.

Rescuing a classic home from a 1980s remodel

Given that he could have a house and garden in Yonkers for less than the price of a Brooklyn townhouse, an architect makes a move.

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Making a modern beach house in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

A couple works to build a house that can weather the next Hurricane Sandy.

Our house is 506 square feet, but we didn’t skimp on luxury

When high prices and city rules halted a couple’s house-building plans, they went small.

A midcentury modern gem offers a couple a place of their own, with character

The desire for a larger home—one they could remodel with their own point of view—pushed one couple out of the city and into suburbia.