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Mary Jo Bowling served as Curbed's home scouting editor through March 2018. During her tenure, she produced the weekly House Calls column.

Remaking midcentury modern in Portland

One couple loved their 1950s era home, and they wanted more of the same

A '70s-inspired revamp creates groovy penthouse home in Maine

A Portland, Maine, couple went looking for office space and ended up with that and an urban family retreat.

Victorian minimalism in small-town Pennsylvania

Hardware designer and sculptor Carl Martinez applies his minimalist style in a maximalist setting: his Victorian home in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Inside a modern refuge in small-town Indiana

After purchasing a piece of the family homestead, a couple hired relative and architect Fred Bamesberger, of Bamesberger Architecture, to design a home that was the antithesis of how they’d lived before.

In Portland, a midcentury ranch shines anew after debonair revamp

A creative director’s real estate agent cautioned him that the house, remodeled with a 1980s aesthetic, was "so not [him]." He looked past the dated finishes and saw potential for something more.

In design blogger's DIY dream house, color and pattern reign

We often talk about how good design makes a person’s life more efficient and enjoyable, but for interior design blogger Stacey Blake it does that and more.

Charming architect-designed Christmas cards through history

Holiday cards show the wit, humor, and personal side of creators of built environments.

Architect transforms turn-of-the-century townhouse into a modern home

When Larry Sykes bought his first house, he became the designer, contractor, and client

Blogger Emily Henderson's sunny kitchen transformation, revealed

Emily Henderson’s new home, a 1920s Tudor in Los Angeles, had a problem common to older houses: The dining room was large, but the adjacent kitchen was cramped and uninspiring.

13 of the best blue paints for your home

Traditionally, blue has represented trust, peace, and loyalty. But when it comes to interiors, blue can bring both drama and flexibility to a room.