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How to shop for plants online

The internet can’t replace a nursery, but it can make plant shopping much easier. Here are some tips to get you started.

How to buy quality outdoor furniture

The outdoor furniture market is booming. These tips will help you navigate the scene.

6 important things to consider when buying furniture

Ergonomics, size, and construction are a few of the key things to keep in mind when buying furniture.

8 tips for renovating a small space

Interior designer Jessica Helgerson, tiny home designer and inhabitant, shares her time-tested strategies.

Best products to use for a green remodel

We assembled a cheat sheet for purchasing more eco-friendly building materials and finishes.

How to choose the best paint color for any room in your house

Choosing the right wall color will make or break your room, and given the thousands of paints on the market, it can be a daunting task. We asked two color experts for help.

How to design your perfect kitchen

Architect Cindy Black has redesigned more than 200 kitchens—here are her nine must-dos for creating the ideal kitchen, plus her tips for creating an intimate dining room.

6 easy steps to save more water at home

Experts outline six simple actions you can take to stop your home from being a water hog to save money on utility bills and sustain natural resources.

Beyond paint: A guide to wall finishes

Bored with paint? Good news: There’s a whole world of wall finishes to explore, from wallpaper to plaster and more. A wall finishing pro offers advice on the best options and why DIYing is not always the best idea.

A guide to paint sheens, from glossy to matte

After much debate you’ve finally settled on a paint color. Now, the merchant wants to know what sheen you want and there are so many choices. We asked artist Mary McMurray to help us sift through the options.