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Mercedes is the editorial leader of the entire Curbed organization, ensuring that brand vision and strategy are realized in every effort. As executive editor, she advises and directs a coterie of editors, aligns with and advises the brand’s business goals, and provides guidance for the engagement and visuals teams.

A Los Angeles resident, Mercedes has worked at Curbed since 2015 and holds a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.

Reupholstered and it feels so good

What it’s really like to get a sofa covered on a budget.

The candle quagmire

I’ve sniffed out some tough truths about burning smell-goods at home.

Vacation (thrifting) all I ever wanted

Thrift store recommendations in D.C., Chicago, and Maine, plus tips for shopping secondhand home goods.

Secondhand is my first choice

Estate sales, flea markets, and the art of haggling.

Making it up as I go along

How an $1,100 milking stool inspired a DIY paint job.

This Texan’s Marfa recs

Curbed’s interim EIC Mercedes Kraus travels to Far West Texas, her favorite region of her home state.

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Quiz: Which iconic chair are you?

Whether at home, at the office, or in the car, it’s undeniable that we spend a good chunk of our lives sitting down. So we put together a quiz to see which chair best fits you.


Desus Nice and Kid Mero on growing up in the Bronx

Internet personalities, podcast artists, and comedy duo The Bodega Boys took us on a tour of the Bronx, with stops at their childhood homes, and showed us what it means to be from New York's only mainland borough.

Joy Cho on growing into adulthood

For Home Sweet Home, the founder of blog empire Oh Joy! talks about finding her entrepreneurial spirit and growing into adulthood.