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A Chicago expat living in Los Angeles, Patrick Sisson writes about urbanism, cities, transportation, and architecture, examining how these themes help shape culture and urban life. He writes a weekly column called Property Lines that spotlights community development, real estate trends, and hot housing markets across the country. Send tips and topics his way, and follow him on Twitter @patrickcsisson. His work has previously appeared on The Verge, Racked, Pitchfork, Dwell, and Wax Poetics.

101 ways to fight climate change

Earth Day 2020 is going digital. Despite the novel coronavirus, it’s still possible to join the fight against climate change—even if you have to start at home.

Cancel rent during coronavirus? Rep. Ilhan Omar says yes

The Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act would provide national housing relief throughout the crisis

Coronavirus stimulus: Where’s the New Deal for a post-pandemic America?

With 22 million-plus out of work, we need jobs and public-works vision for the future.

Quarantine economy threatens workers in entertainment capitals

Renters in service industry between "a rock and a hard place" as jobs disappear.

What your landlord thinks about rent right now

Property owners juggle a widespread struggle to pay rent with their own mortgage responsibilities.

The coronavirus housing crisis is just beginning

Twelve percent more Americans didn’t pay rent in April; what happens in May?

Homebuying during a pandemic: ‘We felt like we were racing the virus.’

The new normal means agents as therapists, drive-up closings, and lots and lots of hand washing.

Quarantine pads, rural getaways, and ‘cityscapers’

Airbnb hosts are marketing "destination isolation" for guests looking to leave town, and, ideally, COVID-19.

Why the coronavirus crisis will be a catalyst in the fight for fair housing

Rent strikes, home occupations, and how the pandemic underscores the need for housing justice.

Airbnb announces $250M coronavirus relief for hosts: Is that enough?

Hosts aren’t totally convinced the new fund will make up for income lost in the pandemic-related travel slump.