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Robert Khederian is a Compass real estate agent based in New York City who also contributes to Curbed. He loves to talk to other old-house obsessives, so please DM him on Instagram at @Notenoughangers and say hi!

To remodel or not to remodel: Curbed readers on “remuddling,” waste, and when to renovate

Last week’s piece by McMansionHell’s Kate Wagner sparked a conversation about home renovation projects—and when they are completely unnecessary.

The hunt for vintage wallpaper: Where to find and how to decorate with it

If you’re in the market to buy antique wallpaper, be prepared to search high and low.

Restoring a historic house: 8 tips and tricks before getting started

Restoring a historic house can be one of the most exciting—and overwhelming—experiences. We spoke with interior designer Steven Gambrel about his must-know tips for taking on any project.

Before private jets, there were luxurious private train cars

From custom wood carving to plasterwork executed by a team of artisans, no detail was overlooked in a Pullman private car.

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The best David Adler houses on the market right now

Chicago-based architect David Adler had a career that spanned the first half of the 20th century. Here are some of his dreamiest designs up for grabs right now.

9 mansions that look even better in the snow

While many 18th-and-19th-century mansions were built as summer retreats, we think they look best after a fresh dusting of snow.

Why did Gilded Age mansions lose their luster?

When—and why—did these symbols of prestige become too much to maintain as private residences?

Aboard Titanic: Inside the luxurious ocean liners of the early 20th century

For a brief period of time, giant transatlantic liners dominated the Atlantic ocean, offering new levels of luxury. Here’s why.

3 historic Philadelphia townhouses you should buy

A clever solution to rising populations in the 18th century, trinity houses have become a charming symbol of Philly’s architectural heritage—and a few of them are for sale right now.

Decorating for Christmas at America’s largest Gilded Age mansion

"The tapestry gallery, lined with multiple 14-foot-tall trees, features a lot of branches and gilded turkey features."