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Does LA, NYC, or SF reign supreme when it comes to public transit?

Curbed editors compete for the title

This picture ledge saved me from my addiction to gallery walls

If you are able to hang a beautiful gallery wall with excellent composition, I am so happy for you—I really am! I am not that person, though.

This toilet seat is the best purchase I’ve ever made

Like a sensible pair of white sneakers lessening the appeal of a stiletto heel, my toilet seat-and-lid with soft hinges has ruined normal—and often more beautiful—toilet seats for me.

Curbed Has All Your Architecture and Design News

Megan Barber, who founded Curbed Ski, is still writing about ski country real estate and the great outdoors on; you can follow Megan's coverage by checking out her author page.


Home Sweet Home: Yves Béhar

The storied industrial designer reflects on a lifetime of innovation, starting as a teen in Switzerland.

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