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Sara Polsky is Curbed's deputy editor, commissioning and editing Curbed's longform stories and packages. Before launching Curbed's features program, Sara was editor of Curbed NY. Her own writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Tablet, The New Yorker online, Poets & Writers, and other publications, and she's also the author of a YA novel, This Is How I Find Her.

13 favorite Curbed longreads of 2018

What it’s like to be evicted, gender and kitchen design, why we renovate, and more

Wish we’d published that

Curbed’s annual nod to writers and outlets who ran the year’s best stories on cities, people, and trends

13 favorite Curbed longreads of 2017

Mansplaining the city, where to find affordable furniture, the Curbed guide to Texas, and more

Curbed seeks longform journalism

Here’s how to pitch features for our sites.

This $4 mug is the perfect design object

My favorite mugs are not the fancy museum gift shop pieces or the vacation souvenirs or the thanks-for-your-donation rewards—but a few $4 mugs from Ikea.

The perfect blanket for an afternoon nap

I was predisposed to like the woobie even before I used one, because hearing a grown adult say the word "woobie" is always funny.

The 18 best city-related longform stories of 2016

The last week of December is a time for catching up on all the internet you missed this year. When it comes to cities, architecture, and design, we've got you covered.

12 favorite Curbed longreads of 2016

The rise of Scandinavian design, Fixer Upper as feminist fantasy, the future of Austin, and more

Austin faces the future

Austin is changing. The city once known for music and slackers is more famous these days for its booming population, tech scene, and festivals. As it reshapes itself to meet residents’ needs, what will Austin become next?

101 books about where—and how—we live

Urban classics and new favorites to read and give