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Modern Bauhaus masterpiece by Marcel Breuer asks $3.8M

Nestled into the hillside, the two-story home features original stone walls, sun-shading overhangs, and a cantilevered staircase that leads to a reflection pool.

Bauhaus takes center stage in Google’s vast new online exhibition

If you’re not Bauhaus’d out yet, Google has a treat for you.

Architects’ favorite clothing brand to launch Bauhaus-inspired capsule collection

The crisp, clean, and entirely no-nonsense pieces were created in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the Bauhaus.

Wear the Bauhaus with Nike’s new Air Max sneakers

Nike’s new Air Max 270 React rocks a Bauhaus-inspired color palette on a design-minded sneaker.

Marcel Breuer-designed modernist masterpiece asks $1.2M

The recently restored timber-clad home boasts a butterfly roof that dips downward to create two main zones.

Gunta Stölzl’s Bauhaus dorm blanket is coming back with modern updates

Textile studio Wallace Sewell referenced an archival photo of the original blanket to accurately capture the "rhythm and simplicity of Gunta’s design."

100 years of Bauhaus: The short-lived school that changed design forever

Curbed spoke with 11 of today’s design leaders to assess its impact.

The New Bauhaus, a radical design school before its time

Led by visionary László Moholy-Nagy, the Chicago school had an unorthodox vision for industrial design.

Bauhaus turns 100: Here are the 13 best exhibitions to check out

To help design nerds keep up with all that’s happening this year, we’ve rounded up the most exciting Bauhaus shows on the calendar so far.

Celebrating six trailblazing Bauhaus women

As the Bauhaus turns 100, we turn the spotlight on the school’s extraordinary women, whose experiences are still instructive today.

Bringing back the Bauhaus

In 1925, the design school was forced out of Weimar. The city is ready to welcome it back.

New exhibition celebrates the Bauhaus’s tubular steel furniture

"From Avant-Garde to Industry" spotlights Anton Lorenz, the man behind the steel tube aesthetic.

Impressive Bauhaus replica on wheels will travel around the world

The 161-square-foot mobile building looks just like the iconic workshop wing of the Gropius building—glass facade and sans-serif signage included.

You can now buy iconic Bauhaus buildings in miniature

For $270 you can have the Bauhaus on your shelf.

Definitive proof nobody did costume parties like the Bauhaus

If you thought Bauhaus folk were good at designing coffee tables, just have a look at their costumes.