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Travel stories

In our collection of essays on what it means to travel today, discover the overabundance of neon in Austin, Texas, the burgeoning-if-embattled design scene in Cuba, and the real-life struggles of Instagram hotspots the world over. Start your travels right here.

The magical (postmodern) world of Disney

How major architects of the 1980s and early 1990s brought a new fantastic point of view to the Walt Disney Company’s buildings

Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor designed this sprawling ranch in the West

And in the 1990s, Ted Turner and Jane Fonda, then married, set out to restore it.

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Whose Jersey Shore is it?

New development on the Jersey Shore has created tensions between residents and weekenders.

Bringing back the Bauhaus

In 1925, the design school was forced out of Weimar. The city is ready to welcome it back.

Hitting the road

"Skoolies" are one of the fastest-growing subsets of the van life community.

Whose facade is it, anyway?

What Instagram "travel influencers" mean for homeownership.

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Winchester Mystery House, a home built by guns and guilt

A rifle manufacturing heiress channeled her grief into the creation of San Jose’s most legendary house.

Austin faces the future

Austin is changing. The city once known for music and slackers is more famous these days for its booming population, tech scene, and festivals. As it reshapes itself to meet residents’ needs, what will Austin become next?

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How to get into Gramercy Park

I spent an afternoon in New York City’s most exclusive park.

Frank Lloyd Wright House Is Rebuilt Anew, Piece by Piece, in Arkansas

The Uncanny Valley

How a 1960s architectural experiment Is still thriving

How Dolly Parton's Childhood Home Became the Dollywood Empire